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Well, I’ve been working on this crazy php project for here at work. Taking a database full of times/dates and notes and such and extracting it all into an ical format file. Very fun stuff. Though I’m stuck now because they haven’t fixed a problem with the database yet, so that’s a bit annoying.

Nothing too exciting has happened in my life since I last updated. I’ve been reading a lot of Cryptonomicon, which is a really exciting book. It’s amazing that a 1000+ page book can be so amazing. You just don’t want to put it down! This book goes through everything. Though at times it’s very hard to follow because it’s flipping between three different stories, which are all interconnected.

The room contains a few dozen human bodies, each one a big sack of guts and fluids so highly compressed that it will squirt for a few yards when pierced. Each one is built around an armature of 206 bones connected to each other by notoriously hault-prone joints that are given to obnoxious creaking, grinding and poping noises when they are in other then pristine condition. This structre is drapped with throbbing steak, inflated with clenching air sacks, and pierced by a Gordian sewer filled with burbling acid and compressed gas and asquirt with vile enzymes and solvents produced by many darks, gamy nuggets of geneticaly programmed meat strung along its length. Slugs of dissolving food are forced down this sloppy labyrinth by serialized convulsions, decaying into gas, liquid and solid matter which must all be regularly vented to the outside world les the owner go toxic and drop dead. Spheical, gel-packed cameras swivel in mucus-greased ball joints. Infinite phalanzes of cilia beat back incading particals, encapsulate them in goo for later disposal. In each body a centrally located muscle flails away at an eternal, circulating torrent of pressurized gravy. And yet….

We had sex on the bed. I performed dutifully enough, I suppose. I could not really sustain an erection and ended up with my head stuck between her bristly thighs. Even with my ears blocked by her quadriceps, I could hear her moaning and screaming. She went into erotic convulsions near the end, and almost snapped my neck. Her climax must have lasted two or three minutes. This was the moment when I first came to terms with the fact that Virginia could not achieve orgasm unless she was in close proximity to-perferably on top of- a piece of heirloom-grade furniture that she owned.

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