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A Little More Upbeat!

hello everyone…. How about an update that’s a little more upbeat then the last one. 🙂

This weekend was really great. Sat around my apaprtment and didn’t really do too much.

I watched a lot of trading spaces/ Queer Eye and other such shows and now I really want to buy a house. I looked around here and found a condo up in Long Beach I could afford. But I dunno if I want to put that type of investment down right now.

I also looked in Iowa and found lots of nice houses for less then what I’m paying now in rent… I mean BIG houses 2 or 3 bedroom, with 1 or 2 bath. most in the Ames/Des Moines area. But I wouldn’t mind living there. I really just want to get a house purchased and get that built up so I have something to my name then just $3,000 in stocks. But since I want to move around so much I can’t really buy a house… Blah!

I figured I could buy a house in Iowa, because I do eventually want to end up there again and just rent it out, but god that seems like a lot of work, finding renters and keeping the place up and all that shit. Blah! I know it’d be easy to rent out a house in Ames, but then you’d probably have even more problems then it’s worth. Whatever. I won’t be doing it anytime soon I’m sure.

I’d really like it if my PU’s stayed in our house long enough that I could buy it off them when they move. And itd be nice if they sold it to me fairly cheap… But knowing them they’ll sell it to the highest bidder. 😛

Friday I stayed home all night and just hung out. Watched all the extras for Marry Poppins. Dick Van Dyke is hot! Rarr. Saturday I slept in and then got up, cleaned up some and finally finished my curtians in the bed room… However I only have half of them done. I need to go buy more fabric. But that’s going to be like $75. Blah!

Today I did more of the same around the house. Then went up to Chapman for a while. We went shopping and I bought a grill and some cute ass martini glasses. I’m thinking of having a little get together on Friday night and grill up some lamb and whatever else. And have some martinis or something! Woot.

I really wish I could find someone who had some money to settle down with and buy a house. Or at least a room mate to move in with me so I didn’t have to spend so damn much money on my apartment…. Why did Ty have to turn out to be such as ass hole! He was so nice to start out with, and Chris was even nicer! Why did they turn on me! I would have loved to have gone out and rented a two bedroom or something with them! Blah. And plus with Ty’s promotion I think they were going to move closer to newport, which would have been nice. Oh well, they turned devilish.

Watched the Simpsons and some other really stupid new TV show that fox has coming out. Then I went to the gym and did 25 minutes on the machines. My lungs couldn’t handle any more after my sickness. Came into work and have been here since. I haven’t really done too much.

I should be taking my SECUR test this saturday. But I’m not sure if I’ll be ready for it. This week will consist of lots of studying. So don’t be surprised if no one hears from me.

Anyways. I’m out.

Laters all.

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