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Thanks Friends

I’m really annoyed….

Where are all these people who are supposed to be my friends?

It’s always the other person who gets all the “OMG, are you ok, what happened, blah blah blah” shit.

Where are the people who are supposed to be comforting me?

When I broke up with Adam, everyone went to his side, heard only his side of the story, and all that shit. Where were all those people who were supposed to be my friends coming to me and asking, “Are you ok? what happened, why did you do it”

When Andrew broke up with me, everyone went to him. “OMG I’m sorry to hear” blah blah same old shit.

Where were the people that came to me and said, “Oh, I’m sorry that you moved all the way across the country for that stupid bastard to break up with you”

Fuck my “freinds”

Who needs friends. Fuck you all.

And most importatnly fuck stupid people who comment about the situation without knowing the whole story. AKA Summer247

One reply on “Thanks Friends”

Well I guess I didn’t realize that I was a stupid bastard. And I didn’t break up with you, YOU just ended things with ME.

I agree, people don’t know the whole story, but she was just making a comment in general. Neither I nor her was actually saying that you are stupid.

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