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Horrible Birthday

I had a horrible birthday, minus about 5 hours in the evening when I had a good time..

Dinner was nice. Olive garden. Though it was a bit cold out.

Andrew made me some CD’s, and got me a painting For my ktichen.

So far that’s the only thing I’ve gotten.

The PU’s ordered mine today, and it should arrive next week.

And grandma’s should arrive tomorrow

Only my PU’s called.

I’m going to start looking for jobs in Iowa again. I’ve already found a few nice opps. And some of them pay what I’m making here, which would be REALLY nice.

Anyways, laters.

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I have a question for you. I have been reading your journal for about, I’m not really sure how long but why are you taking tests and for what? Is it your job?

Also good luck in finding a job back home in Iowa.

I’m taking tests to get my Cisco Certified Network Associate and Cisco Certified Security Professional certs… Also going to be working on my Unix/Linux Systems Admin certs and a few others over the next year. They are all for my job as we have to have a certian number of Security certified people to be HIPAA compliant.

About the job in Iowa… I’m a lot of talk and not much action. I doubt anything will come of it. But we’ll see.

Thanks for the read/comment! Later

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