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Too many responsibilities at work can make you rather grouchy now. You’d rather be off with your friends in an enjoyable social setting. But you are overcommitted and just cannot do what you’d like. It’s really not as bad as it seems. Focus on your chores early in the day. Just be sure to leave yourself some open time for relaxation in the evening.

God, ain’t that the truth…

I’m really stressed out right now… I can’t do anything, I’m trying to study, but I’m sitting here worrying about other things, and I can’t get my mind to focus.. It’s annoying as all get out.

This last chapter is really confusing the hell out of me too.. Fucking Frame Relay!

There’s just too many accronyms.. And WAY too many Q.* and T1.* ITU/ANSI documents to memorize!

Fucking shit.

I think today is brakes.. I’m going to call them at 7 and see if they have a courtesy shuttle… And then tomorrow or Friday I’m going to be getting my Cali Plates/Lisc… I just have to find my Passport and SS card. And find out what the hell I need to prove “odometer mileage certification” Whatever.

Fuck this state.. They fucking rip you off right and left… And I just read that California has the worst Student to teacher ratio in the country and is WAY below average for it’s income to public school ratio as well. (IE, here in cali only 2.5% or something of your income is being spent on the education system, most states it’s far higher and here in cali it’s dropped 1.5% in the last 10 years).

Gah, laters all.

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