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Test Soon…..

I have to take the ICND test soon… This week… Wed probably.

I feel so unready for it right now, but whenever I review, I always say to myself…. I know that. Or I get this.

But there’s just so much that I still don’t really understand, and since I don’t have access to a lab full of cisco routers like most people do, I can’t test my knowledge on the actual configuration of these things… I’m getting book smart, but not reality smart. It sucks.

Also the syntax for things change so much. Things to me which seem like they should have the same syntax just don’t…







I just get so confused as to when to use which one, and what the fucking syntax is for them… I just really hope that the test routers have the full help commands installed on them. If they don’t, I’ll be fucked. I think that I do pretty well on the multi-choice part, it’s the sim part that hurts me. 🙁 I’m so nervous for this test.

And also, the company hasn’t re-paid me yet for my last test, which is really annoying. I took it nearly a month ago… That’s $200 for the tests they owe me, plus $65 for the books… And then once I buy the books to start my next tests, and pay for this test they’ll owe me $465, assuming I pass on the first try. It’s just really annoying not having that money.

Alright, This weekend…

I spent a lot of time sitting around my house. Friday I didn’t do anything, but stayed up pretty late not doing it… I love all the crazy dating shows that are on at like 3am. lol.

Saturday went out and did a whole bunch of random things. Went to CompUSA for the second time in two weeks… I REALY REALLY hate that store. I yelled at like two employees after they pissed me off….. Best line of the day…

“Could you go look it up then, cause I don’t keep a computer up my ass to look things up like that”.

I HATE that store… If everyone stopped shopping there and they went out of business, I won’t give a shit…. Honestly I don’t see why people go there in the first place…. They are over priced and if you WANT To buy something that you have to have an employees help for, you have to literly CHASE them down.

Now, I bet you are all asking, well what were you doing there then?… Because I had a gift card there, and it had to be spent. Otherwise I would never step foot in that store.

After that I went to petsmart and bought the kitties a new toy/food/litter… Then it was off to costco where I bought $100 of food. Then to Vons for some more food, and then I bought a nice LCD monitor for my computer.

From there it was back home and I didn’t leave again all night. (It was another late night too)

Got up about 12:30 today and sat around the house for a little bit, then went up and picked up Andrew. Brought him back to my place and gave him his B-day gift. Spent the rest of the night at my place with him watching movies and shit.

Drove him back to Chapman and then went and worked out….

Now I’m here at work.

Laters all.

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Yes we love you. Now get back to studying.

Make us proud of you.- Actually we’re proud

whether you pass or not.We’ll just be more

proud if you do.

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