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Umm, where is everyone?

Well here it is 7Am, and for some reason no one is in the office yet…

Did I miss a memo somewhere? Usually people are here by 5:30/6ish.

Iowa got two inches of snow yesterday! Woot! 30% chance for more on Thursday.

Thursday is pretty packed already. Go get my dad’s present early in the morning, Meet with Oksana at noon. We’re having lunch at Hickory park and then Shrek II.

Then back home by 5ish. Then out with Dustin and hopefully Nikki. Maybe try and get Angel, and whoever else I can get to go out that night.

I’ve been horribly tired the last couple days… It’s strange.

I can’t wait to get back to Iowa!

1 day, 13 hours, 36 minutes tell I land…. Hopefully there won’t be any delays.

I’m really sore too, I’ve been working out a lot, and it’s starting to take it’s toll

Laters all.

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I went to work one time on Sunday, thinking it was Monday. I wondered why trqffic was so light. LOL

I’ve done that before too, only I went to school on a Sunday. I’ve also gone on holidays… Which is much easier to forget about.

But still. Oh well, I’m sure everyone has done it once, or twice!


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