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Drunk Dilly!

Well this weekend has been pretty fun.

Last night there was a party up in long beach… Just like this summer, only colder.

It was lots of fun. I got pretty drunk, but Dilly got totally trashed. It was his first time drinking.

He puked alot, and on the ride home he pucked. He crashed at my house last night on the couch. And he pucked some more in the trash. Poor him.

Today we all got up about noon and everyone dispursed. I showered and then noticed the cat peed on the sheets that were on the floor. So I’m doing laundry now and getting the comforter dry cleaned.

I think they did it cause I moved the litter pan. I’m not sure how easily they’ll take to toliet training.

Only 3 days tell I leave for IOWA!

Laters all.

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we are getting snow here tonight in waterloo and to the north, alot of accidents in the last couple of hours, to the south its just wet down there, no snow I don’t believe…laters

YAY! My mom just called me and said it was snowing just north of DM now too. I’m so excited. I hope you get a HUGE blizard and stuff. So that way everything is still white when I get there….

I’d really like it to snow a little christmas eve too. But how often does that really happen.

Anyways. Laters!

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