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SideKick/ Paper Napkin / Game Cabinet

So I’ve decided I REALLY want a sidekick II. However my cell plan with verizon doesn’t expire for another year. 🙁 Right now amazon has a sale on sidekicks, where they actually PAY you $50 to buy one! Very exciting.

Also, you’ve all heard of the rejection hotline, right? well how about the reject e-mail? Paper Napkin offers this service.. Just give someone and they’ll get a nice little rejection note… Also, the e-mails that come in get posted to thier blog!

And if you like arcade games, go get the ArcadePC Deluxe. Comes with a 2.8Ghz PC and 50 capcom games… Only $5,000!

Not much happened today. I finally got my hair cut! It’s reallyshort now.

Only 8 days tell Iowa!

Less then 14 hours to my test! Wish me luck…. Again!


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