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I’m still really pissed about failing that stupid exam. And I really don’t want to have to face Jon when he comes in this morning and tell him about it! Gah.

I’ve been reviewing today, and I don’t see WHY I missed this.

I can only speculate… There’s two reseasons right now:

1) The questions where they asked you both the FULL and ABREVIATED commands for the IOS. (I only know the full, so had to guess on the abreviated)

2) I didn’t save the SIMs and thus they were counted wrong.

I’m leaning more towards option 2 right now though because I’m pretty sure I guess right on the commands. I really wish they had told you which questions you got wrong on the stupid thing. But it’s understandable that they don’t.

It just really annoys me, and now I’m very scared for the next one. Which I think I’m going to sign up for on Tuesday.

I MUST pass this test.

I think I’m going to implement a new going out schedule for me as well.. limit myself to Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Spend the rest of the week working out and studying the all the tests that I’ll be taking over the next 6 months. I must start passing them on the first go. I can’t do this.

Also, I MUST start working out more, I’m back up to 180. I haven’t been there since the times of dating Adam. Gah! I was, and now am SO FAT! Must get rid of it. Did the cuircit training at 24 hours tonight and then 25 minutes on the treadmill. I really like the 24 hour out by south coast, but they keep it ungodly HOT in there. So I’m thinking I may start going over to the one in Newport Beach instead. we’ll see.

Anyways, back to studying people! 9 days to IOWA!!!



I forgot to mention, prices for tickets for dec 22-28th topped $1,000 today from SNA to DSM… Glad I only paid like $350! Wish I had gotten in earlier and got the $250. 🙁 Oh well.

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“The router simulation exam questions do not require candidates to save the configuration prior to exiting the simulation question to receive credit.”

Ok, well, I guess I’m just stupid.

Thanks, I’m going to need it… I’m stil baffled as to HOW I got 88% on 2/3 of the test, and then a 46% on the part that I THOUGHT I knew the most in!?! Gah!

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