4-day weekend.

I really don’t want to be at workright now. The weekend was so nice and relazxing and I was back on a night time sleep schdule and everything. It was great.

Besides the little fuck up with the hotel, and a bit of an annoyance finding dinner, and then screaming at Ty when I had to park forever away Saturday in San Diego was fun. Though I need to go back and actually spend the night and get everything done that I want to do.

Andrew and I found the bath house in hillcrest though. I want to go, but I’m really scared at the same time. I think it’d be funny to just go in and look around.

Seawolrd was alright, though I’m not sure if the year pass will be worth it. Though I suppose now that I have it, I’ll have to make use of it. I just wish there was more places you could go watch the big animals. Fuck all the little things you can see at any fucking zoo. Bah! Though feeding the sea lions looked fun. They’re so cute.

Thursday and friday were both very relazing. Hanging out wiht people and just not doing anything in general. Not like every other day I don’t every do anything, but whatever. It’s all the same.

I did get very pissed at Ty this weekend though. Mostly because of the parking situation when I got home saturday. I had to park all the way up Alicia, just under a mile from my apartment. And I get home and find out that Chris has the pass in his truck and he’s parked in the spot. This just really annoys me because they do that all the time. Either chris has the pass and is parked i nthe spot or Ty has it and is parked in a green and I’ve asked them many times that if they are going to HAVE the pass then to use it. Not just come home and immedietly park in the spot or whatever. I thikn it’s only fair that I get use of the spot 50% of the time since I pay rent. But whatever. I was just really pissed off already that night and it was the third night in a row that I had to park all the fucking way up there. Gah!

But anyways, I went off on Ty about that and then about Chris paying rent/utilities. Apparently Chris DOES pay rent, though I doubt he pays Ty much. That really doesn’t affect me any though so I don’t care, as what i’m paying is very fair for what I get. The thing that really annoys me is that Chris DOESN’T pay any utilities. And he comes home EVERY night and washes/Dries hiis ONE TOWEL. which is a HUGE waste of energy and costs ME money. He also showers/uses the lights and everything else. Which costs ME money. I think he should be paying 1/3 of the utilities since he DOES LIVE THERE.

Ty came back with the fact that JonJon is over a lot and that maybe he should pay utiliies, which is completely UNFAIR. First he doesn’t do laundry there, second and mostly he DOESN”T LIVE THERE. He doesn’t have a key and he’s NOT THERE when I’m not there. So it’s not like he’s using any extra utilities. Every utilitie he uses is also consumed by me, because wether he’s there or not, I WOULD BE there at that time.

AND, he has cleaned our apartment/done dishes/etc. WAY more then CHRIS ever has. So I think that Ty saying JonJon should pay utilities is completely unfounded.

Needless to say, Sunday I spent looking for apartments. I didn’t find anything good in the paper though. Prrobably because it’s so close to the end of the month that everything is already rented out for Nov. I figure the first sunday of the month is probably the best time to look. So I’m going to do that.

I really want my own place, but at the same time I want to save that money. If only I could find a roommate that I can get along with. JonJOn would be a great roomie, if only he were more financially stable. He suggested Dave, who I’ve met a few times and seems to be a nice guy, but I understand he does pot a lot. Whcih I couldn’t stand. It wouldn’t be bad as long as he doesn’t keep it in the apartment. But who knows.

JonJon said he knew of a place in Dana Point that’s $900 for 1bedroom, all utilities included. So I might look into that. But that might be a little to far south for me. I’ll have to put some real thought into this. Though once you add on internet and etc, that would be about 40% of my income, which is higher then it should be. (You’re supposed to only spend 33% of your income on housing).

Umm, today I went and got a membership at 24 hour fitness. We went to the Ultra-Sport up here in Newport Beach. It’s the only one in Southern CA. The cheapest I could get for there was 24 months at $31 a month. But that was for the all club, but it came out to be twice what it was if I got an all club to the club size just one down from the ultra-sport. So that’s what I got 36 months at $20 a month. And the only club I can’t go to is that Ultra-sport. but they gave andrew and I a free one month pass to the ultra-sport.

The girl that gave us the tour was so cute though and so fun. She was new and so confused when it came to signing us up. And she gave us hugs at the end cause we were so patient with her. And her boss was a total ass to her though and I felt bad. I really liked her though. And she gave me a lead for some aparements up here in Newport that might be cheap. I’ll look into those as well.

After that we worked out for a short bit and then went back to Andrews. Ate supper and then Andrew went to his meeting. Came back and shortly after he got back we started playing FFx-2… For some reason I just could not keep my eyes open, so I took a short nap, which ended up being about 3 hours. 🙁 So I wasted the whole night hanging out with him.

He said in his journal that he’s noticed the differences in me. Yes, like i”ve said I’ve changed a lot. And honestly, for the worse. You’re seeing what I was in HS. the depressed state of me.

Umm. I don’t want to be at work right now.

My PU’s bought another batch of 700 trees. She also mentioned going to Mexico, and looking at this property that the Keebler guy bought and stuff. My PU’s are crazy. Oh, I also found it strange that my cousin steven and his girl had a child… I didn’t even know she expecting. maybe I should talk to them more offten.

I also forgot to mention that ty bought another ugly rug.

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  1. Well it’s good to hear that you can admit the change, and that it’s bad.

    What you need to figure out now is how to get that old Chris back.

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