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Fun Day

So today was lots of fun. Got up about 2:30ish and met up with JonJon. Went over to peoples house and hung out there tell then wanted to have sex.

Then JonJOn and I went over to the mall and hung out, then back to Girls house, ate supper and lots of people came.

Goood times all around.

Though, lots of lesbian couples there. Made me wish I had someone to make out with. 🙁

Oh, well. It’s my own doing now.

The server here isn’t working, so I don’t have anything to do!!

Laters all.

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LESBIANS ROXORS MY BOXORS!!!! and u know they do it for u too! and nothing was stopping u from all the making out!!!!:-P!!! all u have to do with this group is jump in an have some fun.. well.. maybe… u may have to open up a lil more and actually talk to the people! it would help! :-D! i swear they only bite when they get a lil sexual! but just treat them like the kitties if yer not into it and spray them with water.. u should know water and homo’s dont mix well :-p j/k haha

I don’t know how comfortable I’d feel making out with Girls… Even if they are lesbians. Didn’t we learn the lesson last weekend that I’m really afraid of Box?!?

Anyways, like I’ve told you before, its hard for me to open up in large groups, but I’m starting to get to know all of them and really like all your friends. I always have tons of fun! 😀

See you Saturday JonJon!

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