My Life

A Phone Call!

YAY! I actually got a phone call this morning at work!

That’s like the first phone call I’ve had in a LONG TIME!

It was exciting, it was!

Yesterday was a good day. Didn’t really do too much. Hung out with JonJon and the roomies for a while. WEnt and got groceries which I’ve been badly needing.

Hung out with Andrew last night, and watched a Boy Meets Boy Marathon. The stupid hoe on that show is really a stupid hoe, and the boys… YUMMY! Rarr. It’s sad to hear that things didn’t work out between the two though. 🙁

Today I have a bbq to go to with JonJon and Andrew is checking people in this morning. Yay for him! I hope things go well!

Anyways, I’ve got to break.

Laters all.

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