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Long Weekend

I know, it’s been a long time since I posted, and I’m sorry. but it’s been a long weekend.

Thursday I went out with JonJon and gang. Had a great time. mall, petting zoo, walking around, dinner at CheeseCake Factory. I had a really great day. I also bought some really nice smelling oil at the Gift Godess, it’s Vanilla Orange. Yummy! I also want to go back and buy the hemp hand lotion she had. It made my hands really soft!

The day also included swimming, where JonJon got his phone all wet and also watching movies. It was a great time! 🙂

Friday-Saturday was spent with Andrew,we had some good times, some bad times, some nutral times and some really bad times. So it was a very mixed day. He amazingly made it up to 6am, which was good. We also went to this crazy diner at like 2:30 am and had some really good food there. Yummy!

We also spent lots of time watching Gilmore Girls and also talking and everything else. Though I kept getting very annoyed with him because after everything we did it’d be like, “So what now” and he’d be like, ‘Lets talk” and it’s like, what do you want to talk about. Then we’d sit there and stare at each other for a while and I’d get very annoyed.

Saturday night I spent with JonJon. We went up to Long Beach again and I had really good time. Though I got annoyed with JonJon about something stupid and made him leave earlier then he wanted to. But he said it was alright. I got to drive his cougar again though which is TONS of fun! 🙂 I love that car. It’d really been making me want to buy myself a new car. I was thinking an RX-8 or maybe A VW or something. Who knows. In the long run, I’m sure i’ll end up keeping the saturn for another few years. Though she needs some work done to her. The 80+ mph trips between chapman and my apartment have been taking a beatingon her.

JonJon spent the night at my place again cause he was really drunk. I hope that we didn’t wake the roomies again though, cause last time we had because he was being too loud. We keptit down this time though, so I don’t think we did.

Speaking of the roomies. I haven’t seen them in like forever it seems. And I don’t really care/mind. It’s nice to be getitng out of there again.

Oh, so at the party, straight girl was trying to get me to make out with her and touch her boobs and ass and she was telling me I was “sex” which apparently is a very good thing. And then today when I went into ON to return JonJon’s plug apparently the girl that I asked where he was at, was all wierd or something… Well here’s what JonJon said happened: “after u left jenny o came running back to me and was like “HE’S SO CUTE!!! HE ASKED WHERE U WERE AND ALL I COULD DO WAS SMILE!” all loud and giddy”


What crazies. lol

Anyways, today was spent catching up on sleep, cause I didn’t get my full 8 hours Thursday, Friday or Saturday. So I did today. It felt nice.

After I work up, like I said, I returned JonJon’s Plug to him and then went up to Chapman.

Things were alright, though lots of yelling/crying happened. It was bad.

I also told Andrew what I’m feeling about our relationship. I still love him, and I can still see myself getting back together with him eventually. But right now, I’m in a new place and have been really regreting not living up my life in college and HS and would just like time and space to do that right now. I’ve finally made headway in life as to regard to being able to make new friends and stuff and I’m feeling really good. And now I want to have that experience of being able to make out with randoms and go out and party without having to worry about doing something stupid and fucking up my relationship. I guess I’m kinda going through an early mid-life crisis. One in which I just want to relive the last four years as fast as I can. We’ll see how well things work out.

I know it sucks, and I probably wouldn’t have felt this way if he hadn’t broken up with me, but now this is how I feel. And I’m going to go with it. I’ve always regretted so much of my HS life, and I don’t want to regret my College life as much. So now I have the chance to make up for that. So I’m going to.

Anyways, I’m out. I have lots of work to do.

New site is in good progress. Need to still get a few functions working properly. then the DB uploaded and then the pages uploaded and all will be good.

Laters all.

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