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Day Out / First Date.

So today was a really great day out and about with JonJon.

Yeah, so he picked me up about 1ish and we headed off to the mall where we walked around for a while and didn’t really do to much. Didn’t go into any stores except for Express, cause they were having a sale on shirts. Nothing good though so i didn’t buy anything. After that we went over to Cheesecake factory and had lunch there outside. It was really nice. He paid of course

After lunch we went and drove around then headed over to the petting zoo. That was tons of fun. Good times. He’s so cute. Umm, after that we walked around that area more and talked. Went to this crazy little store and I bought some oil burning stuff. It’s so yummy smelling, Orange and Vanilla. Oh, so good! I want to buy some sage too, but it’s really expensive there. I also want some lotion from that place. I think I may go back and get some.

Umm, lets see. after that we spent a lot of time driving up to laguna beach and went to this crazy little sex shop right across from the boom boom room. It was so fun! They had so much stuff there.

After that we spent time walking on the beach and talking about random stuff. We also saw a dead seal, which was really sad.

From there back to Laguna Beach where we picked up three movies and then headed back to my place and went swimming.

He swam with his phone in his pocket… Opps!

After that we went and took a LONG shower together. That was hot! 😉

From there we wached Cho in my room and cuddled. After that we watched it in the living room and then had some fun in my room again before I had to come to work.

I’ll write more about my feelings for him later…. I must go now.

Later all.

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