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Shoe Search… Continues

So this weekend has been tons of fun, minus the arguments with Andrew.

Lets see, Friday night was tons of fun. JonJon came over right after I got off work at 2, and we hung out all day. I didn’t even sleep! It was crazyness. We also went out to get food and then while driving past the liquor store decided to stop and get some. I got very drunk, he didn’t so much.

From what I remember we ended up cuddling tell like 4 AM or something, and then he went home and I slept like a baby tell like 11 Saturday morning.

Umm, got up and was waiting around for JonJon again, but got bored with that so I went for a walk. Then got home and Chris wanted to do something, so he and I drove up to Brea and went to Hollister! I got the CUTEST shirt! Weeee, it’s so fun. I wanna go back though with someone with a little more fashion sense then what Chris has, so that I can get more shirts.

There were also TONS of hot boys there. 🙂 Apparently there is also a hollister coming to the spectrum this fall, so that’s UBER exciting. YAY!

From there we got back about 5PM and then JonJon finally came over and we went up to Ikea, where I ended up only buying the slats for my bed. Which I’ve been needing forever.

After that we headed over to Office Max and Old Navy to try and get me an office chair… First the Old Navy we went into was a HUGE MESS! It was so crazy in there! Secondly, Office Max had a REALLY nice chair that I think I want, but it was $297 (?) So I have to check with Jon to make sure that’s ok before I get it. We’ll see. I really liked it, and I REALLY need a new chair here.

From there we hit Starbucks and he MADE me buy a drink. So I did.

Umm, after that we went somewhere, but I’m not really sure where we went too. We eventually ended up back at my apartment and completely forgot about the show that night. Oh well.

JonJon left early cause his PU’s were bitching at him. So I just stayed home and talked to Andrew. That was a very bad talk. Things got very out of hand and everything and eventually I just got so frustrated that I just had to go, so I left and went and laid in bed. Eventually got to sleep about 2 or 3 am.

Sunday I got up fairly early, like 9:30 or something and just laid in bed most of the morning. Then I finally got up and called JonJon about 11:30 and we made plans to meet. He got to my apartment and we went off trying to find the BSA shop, cause it’s like RIGHT up the street from here. But we seemed to have problems finding it so we just said screw this and went to the outlet mall in Lake Elsinore (sp?).

That town is SO FUCKING ghetto, let me tell you! OMG! First the drive there is up through the mountians, and NO ONE can freaking drive on those streets. And it was so annoying.

Then we get there, and we’re driving along and like the road just seems to go back into the middle of no where and JonJon had to pee really badly, so we stopped at Albertson’s and asked for directions and a pee place. Which we got both of taken care of there.

We found out the outlet mall was like, right up the street or something. So we went there and spend forever wondering around there… It seemed to be a foot fetish there or something though, because 90% of the stores were all shoe stores… And I couldn’t find a SINGLE pair that I liked….. Well that’s a lie, I found one pair I liked, the only problem was that they didn’t have my size. It was either a 13 or an 8. So yeah. Screw that.

Anyways, we had a ton of fun there today even though it was ungodly hot. And all the people were so white-trash! It was practically like being in Southridge!

After that we came home and put my bed together and then I talked to Andrew some in there again and he was AGAIN really pissed at me. I’ve set tomorrow aside so that I can talk to him.

He says that I’m not giving him enough time, and I’m not calling him enough and all this other stuff. And honestly, since he broke up with me, I don’t really feel like I owe him anymore time then I would give to any of my other friends. And secondly, he should know how it is when there’s stuff to do, you know how often I got told WHILE WE WERE DATING that he couldn’t talk to me because he was busy.

Well I’m sorry that I’m trying to keep myself busy and keep the pain of being single at bay by hanging out with someone who’s company and friends I really enjoy and who also enjoys my company. So yeah. That’s all that I have to say about that on here publicly.

It will be nice to get Andrew back here so that we can work on this for real, rather then just talking on the phone. Because honestly that’s not helping anything, we just need to be able to actually hang out and stuff again, like we used to, when we were friends.

After I talked to Andrew, JonJon and I hung out at my apartment and then went to Nikki’s work and hung out with her. Nikki and I ganged up on JonJon for not starting school, and then JonJon and I ganged up on Nikki about starting businesses and not needing school. It was funny. lol.

It also made me really want to get back into business and think about starting my own here sometime. I dunno if I’m still wanting to do the consulting business though. I was thinking about getting more into retail/franchise of something like that. Where I can build my empire! 🙂 Whatever though, I have a feeling that’ll be a long ways off.

Oh, also JonJon offered to decorate my room since it’s so stark and bare. I’m going to give it a few months so that I can get some money and then let him go at it. Though, he can’t paint the room because Ty said so, but I think we can find cool shit to do with it.

I just want something nice for once, cause I’ve never really decorated my room ever. Like when I was a kid, I had shit all over the place, but never really anything that I would call decorated. Then when I lived in the dorms I didn’t do anything because I knew I wasn’t going to be there long, and then well, my apartments I just never felt like doing anything with. So it’ll be nice to have something done for once.

Work today has been hellish. I’ve been so tired and have been catching myself going in and out of sleep all morning. I think there was one point where I slept for like 30 minutes before waking back up. I don’t know why I’m so tired today, perhaps it’s because I’ve been up for nearly 24 hours again. Hmm, who knows. Eitherway, it sucks and I just want to go home and sleep.

OH! Funny stories… So this stupid lesbian yelled at me today for my driving… I was in this lane and it completely RANDOMLY turned into like an off ramp or something, so I changed lanes quickly into the lane next to mine… Well anyways this GIANT truck was behind me, and there was MORE then enough room for me to get in. But then like after a while, the stupid lesbian got up next to me and started yelling at me about my driving and shit. It was really funny.

Then today on the interstate on my way to work this stupid old man got up next to me and started YELLING at me about something, I think he was pissed that I tailgated him for a while. but he was going way to slow and I couldn’t get around him. But whatever, he was pissing me off. Fucker.

The people here have such road rage. Stupid idiots.

Umm, and yeah that’s been my weekend. Tons of fun! 🙂

Laters all.

4 replies on “Shoe Search… Continues”

Never got around to decorating your apartment, eh?

Remember that time that guy came over and decorated for you…yeah that was me!

I did well with what I had to work with, I think! haha

Christmas lights, poster boards, scotch tape and a homemade slip cover…haha

Well yes, you decorated my living room. But what I mean is that my bedroom was never really decorated.

And by decorated, I use the term loosely when it comes to my living room. As you said, we didn’t have much to work with.

You did do a good job though! 🙂

And I still have those paintings you did hanging in y bedroom now.

Of course I still have them, why would I get rid of them?

They are good, and they do remind me of you. 😛 I also still have the bowl you made me, and it holds my change nicely! 🙂


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