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1) I’m getting 2 attached 2u. It’s starting 2 get harder trying 2 just see u as a friend when I want so much more. 🙁 But then there’s the andrew thing
2) I’ve never been so emotionally confused over a boy like I am with you. I hope this doesn’t freak you out
3) I’ve been really happy with you lately… It just sucks cuz I can’t have the type of relationship with you that I would like
4) Blah…I don’t even know how to explain it. I just wish I could hold you anc call you baby and hear the same. I wask up just thinking about wantint 2 c u

I dunno what I should do with him. I obviously know he likes me. But nothing can come of it tell I’m sure what’s happening between Andrew and I.

But I like him too much as a friend to not hang out with him, which would be the only logical thing to do to make him stop feeling this way….

I told him that we’ll have to sit down and talk about this. I’m just going to re-itterate that we can only be friends, and I know it sucks. But that I really enjoy hanging out with him and hope that we can continue to keep having a great friendship.

How does this happen to me?

Anyways, I’m going to write more, but not now… Now it’s book time.

Laters all.

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