So Bored!!

I’m so bored and the roomie is totally pissing me off.


Chris and I are really having a good time together though, today we went out driving places, and last night we did the same. It was TONS of fun last night. Tonight though has been horrible…

Ty bitching about EVERYTHING, then going to pet smart and them arguing FOREVER about what to get the cats.

Then I get home and talk to this boy online and Ty’s like, “I know him, stay away from him”. I relay the message to the boy and he gets all upset about it. Eventually we talk more about it and find out that we ARE talking about the same Ty, then he calls Ty and then Ty yells at me.

Saying that this boy only wants to get in my pants, blah blah blah. I tell Ty that “I’m a big boy and I can decide for myself.” Then he goes away.

The Boy (Jesse/Aiden) and I have a good talk about computers. He’s also hot, I’ve decided that it just comes naturally with living in SoCal. I hate it.

I should hang out with him sometime though, he seems nice enough.

Fucking living in Iowa all my life. Fuck me for being a fat ass.

Also talked to Andrew tonight for a good while. It was an alright talk, we talked more about our relationship. I can’t wait tell he gets back here so that we can work things out. After all the places that Chris has shown me I really want to take Andrew to them. They’re so nice and romantic.

I’m talking to Mike now, we’re talking about random stuff, it was funny at first, talking about cars and all. I was being all straight.


Laters all.

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