Sunday Night Sex Show

Well this week has been pretty good.

I’ve got another fun project to work on at work. However I have to learn ColdFusion, it doesn’t seem that hard though, especially if you use dreamweaver in conjunction with it. We’ll see how hard it really is. Though I think it will be lots of fun to do.

Tonight has been tons of fun. Chris and I went up to Newport Beach and hung out there, then drove down to Laguna Beach and hung out with Ty at work. That was really fun. I told Ty that I thought Chris has a really hot ass, and he was surprised that I thought that. Apparently most people that Ty knows doesn’t think Chris is cute or has a hot ass…

I think he’s really cute and has a really hot ass.

We also went out to dinner at this place called Rubys. There were SO MANY hot boys in that place tonight, the three of us were just hilarious all while checking out the boys. Lots of laughs and fun there.

The bill came out to be $39.00, and of that mine was only $10. I wanted to pay for my part seperate, but the stupid/cute waiter didn’t do it right, so we went up to the reigster and the stupid woman didn’t understand that worth shit, She just split the ticket in half. Stupid bitch.

tonight though has really made me miss Andrew, seeing Ty and Chris have a good night together and all the cute kissing/etc made me really miss him.

I don’t know if I can make it through the next 30 days without seeing him. I might have to go back to Iowa again one more time… To see him and to take up all the boys for threesomes that have been offering lately.

Anyways, I don’t feel like writing much more, so ltaers all.

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