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A Sea of Homos!

So this weekend has been pretty fun. The big gay conf went off great. Lots of hot homos there, and lots of annoying couples on V-day.

Hung out with Dustin and gang for most of the weekend. They were all tons of fun.

Hopefully Daniel will send me all the pics like I’ve asked him too. Then I might post some of them.

Drove the PU’s to the airport at 3:30 this morning, and didn’t get back to bed tell 5. I slept in and missed the last breakout. Which was sad cause it was the one Dustin and crew were doing and I really wanted to see it.

I have tons of HW to do today, so I’m off to do that.

Laters all.

I meant to mention that they had GenderFree bathrooms at the conf! It was SOOO fun! 😛

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