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So, after the first txt message from Justin last night, we corrosponded for a couple hours and he convinced me to go to the Redlight. I left home about 11:30 or so, and was going to go to JJ’s and sit and have a coffee and read tell 1:30, when I was supposed to meet him. But Apparently JJ’s closes at midnight, so I got there just in time to get a drink and then they made me leave. So that was sad.

I didn’t have any underwear on, because it was all in the washing machine. So I drove back to Ankeny to put buy some and put it on. Spent some time wondering though Wal-Mart and bought a pair of cute ass underwear. Went to the bathroom and while I was putting it on, Justin called me. It was very amusing because there I was naked in the bathroom trying to put on underwear and talking on my cell phone. lol. Good thing no one came in!! We talked for a bit and then I headed back downtown. I got there about 1:15 or so, and just waited infront of Redlight tell Justin and some other Ankeny boy came… I think his name was Ethan, or something. He was really cute too. Apparently an Art Major at DMACC, or something like that.

Once we got there, everyone else started getting beers and the like from other people that had brought some stuff. Then Justin and some other hot boy took their shirts off. It was kinda nasty there because there were some REALLY nasty guys with out any shirts on and shit and we saw this leather guy that was at the Saddle the other night there too. lol. Jackson was there too, and he was funny. Pretty much the whole night was spent standing around making fun of the drunk people, getting hit on, and watching hot boys dance. There was porn playing on the TV’s, thankfully no one had sex, at least not untell after I left… lol.

I left there about 3:30 cause I was dead tired, but I had a really great time there. I think it would have been TONS of fun for Andrew and I to go while he was here. I really wish he were coming back before Summer so that we could go sooner.

I deffinitaily thing that I’ll go back sometime, though probably not for a while, I really can’t afford to go there too often, considering it costs $10 each time to get in… Perhaps I’ll resort to bj’s or something. lol.

I also didn’t get the lapdance that I was promised. 🙁

After I left there I drove home and went to bed. I didn’t sleep too well, but I did sleep tell like 11 or something when I heard my phone ringing. It was Andrew and we talked for a while, like an hour or so. Then I had to break because it was really starting to snow pretty bad and I wanted to get back to Ames, before I was stuck in PC. So I drove back here and have been here since like 1:20 or so. I’ve been trying to read this book about Water and Land conservation from the 1880’s-1920’s, but it’s so BORING and dry and horrible. And I REALLY don’t know how I’m going to write a 1600 word paper about it. Grrr at that. I’ve been trying to find some notes on the book online, but pretty much all I can find are assignments to READ the book.

It’s snowing right now, and it’s really pretty out. I wish I had a fire place and some milk, so I can make hot chocolate and sit infront of a warm fire. It’s SO cold in here!

Anyways… I’ve had a REALLY good weekend, I’m glad that I’ve gone out both nights. Perhaps I’ll have to do it again next weekend. But I do have to go to the G&G’s house next saturday, so we’ll have to see what’s happening.

I can’t wait tell V-day weekend though. It’s the Big gay Conference here at ISU, and I get to help out at it! 🙂

Well, I’m out to write a private update.

Laters all.

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