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Well, last night was tons of fun. I got off work, about 6:30 or so, went home and sat around for a while. Justin IMed me and wanted me to come to DM and go to a bar with him. I wasn’t really sure if I wanted too or not. I really wasn’t in a social mood.

He kept pushing for me to come and eventually I caved in and said that I would. We made plans to meet at 10.

I showered and shaved and packed all my shit to take home. Then left about 9ish to go downtown. I was hoping to get to the ATM and also get a drink at JJ’s before meeting him. I called Andrew on the way down there, because I was VERY nervous about it all, and talked for a while.

He (Justin) called me about 9:30 and told me to just meet him at the Garden. So I went there instead of JJ’s. It was a bit wierd at first, cause I was very nervous and very confused. He looked way different up close then in the pic he sent me, so when I first got there and he was standing in the entry was, I wasn’t entirely sure it was him. We stood there talking for a while to the drag queen, and then headed off to the Sadle… Mostly because I had requested a quite place to just hang out for the night.

We got there and he asked me to go buy him a drink. I was a bit annoyed at first because I was hoping that wasn’t the only reason he wanted me to come, was to buy him drinks (with his money not mine). But I think at things went on it was apparent that wasn’t the only case of reason.

I was a bit reluctant to drink at first, but then I had a Smirnoff(sp?), and then two sex on the beaches and finished the night off with a barcardi (sp?). I was a bit tipsy by then. lol. We did have a pretty good night, even though the place was PACKED with old guys who kept staring at us, and also who kept coming up to Justin (who had his shirt off most of the night) and molesting him. I guess that’s what he gets for taking his shirt off in front of a bunch of old hags and not having a bf to protect him. lol.

We had a generally good time and tried dancing a few times throughout the night, though they kept playing shit ass music and there was never anyone on the dance floor. So it didn’t really work out that well.

Most of the night was spent sitting on a table telling stories about the stupid homo’s in DM, and just laughing our asses off. He kept falling all over the place, and by the end of the night was getting a bit too touchy feely. I quickly reminded him that I was taken. Even though I was given permission to make out with him. lol.

I was a bit surprised though when he took his shirt off about how he looked. Like when he was on stage dancing he looked super hot, but I would bet that if you put me and him side by side shirtless, we’d look pretty much the same. We both have very similar builds… He’s a bit more tan/hairless then I. But the same builds and I would say about the same fat percent.

We broke about 12:30 cause he said he had to get up early in the morning. Overall it was a really good night, and I’m glad that I went out.

Though I have really been missing Andrew a LOT lately. Like it’s so hard to go from living with someone to not seeing them at all. I still feel like I have to say hi to him first thing in the morning and night to him last thing at night. It’s so hard to not see him, and always know what he’s doing/ how he’s doing. It’s very hard. I just can’t wait to see him. I’ve already been trying to figure out my schedule so maybe there’s a weekend I can go there, or something. 🙁

I just got a random text message from Justin wanting me to go to the redlight tonight, but I dunno if I can handle staying out past 2am. lol. I guess I’ll have to see how I feel up to it or not.

Laters all.

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