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Weekend Jobs!

So this weekend I’ve got the crazy temp job with ISU Foundation. It’s very funny. Considering I used to work for them. Did I ever tell you all that on here, or not. I can’t remember. Whatever. I’ll make about $300 this weekend alone/ Traning tonight from 6-9 then work 8 hours tomorrow and Sunday. It’ll be good to have some money that I can just blow on whateverness.

I think Andrew and I will do something nice with the money. Like go out somewhere nice or something like that.

Classes have been going good, and they all seem as though they should be fairly easy. We’ve been working out, and doing just our now normal things. I’ve also been taking over FFX alot. But not so much the last days.

I have a shit ton of books to read for one of my classes. Must get to that.

Laters all!

Edit:// I forgot today’s Job Count:
86 Applications, 16 Cold Letters, 3 Rejections.

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