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So, I’ve now been to all my classes but one, all have gone pretty good so far. Though, I’m fairly annoyed at one of the professors and the other one just copied her husbands sylabus.

My MIS prof is a complete jackass, at least so far. The first day of class he spent like 10 minutes talking about the class itself, then everyone went around and told one interesting thing about themselves, and then he had a 3-4 minute negative story about what they said. It was very very annoying. I hate him already. THough the class should be pretty easy… There’s only two tests and a project, equaliing 100 points.

My other class on Monday seems like it’ll be alright. The professor was a bit crazy, and the blargy Receptionist here at Krell is in the class. I hate her. It should be good, though there’s going to be LOTS of reading in that class.

Monday after classes we went to the gym and it was PACKED PACKED PACKED! There were so many people there, I’ve NEVER seen it that busy before. It was crazyness. We worked out and then ran the track and then went home. Cause it was way to busy to do anything else. Had a good night of supper at Hickory park… Where I assulted the waitress. It was very funny.

The bitch comes over, and asks if we’re ready to order and stuff. Jamie and I both say that we need a few more minutes, but then she goes and starts asking us what we want!?! I’m like, HELLO??? So them I get pressured into ordering something that I really didn’t want to eat, cause I wanted something different. So I was fairly annoyed with that. So anyways, she takes our orders gets us our drinks and then didn’t come back forever…

The food came, and she still hadn’t come back and by that time my glass had been empty for like 10 minutes, so I waited a few more minutes and started getting VERY annoyed. Because I also wanted a side of Ranch dressing to go with my meal, which I had forgotten to order at the begining. So after like 5-10 more minutes of us TRYING to flag her down or for that matter ANYONE that walked by, I get up, walk over to the place with the drinks, glass in hand and say…. “Our waitress hasn’t been back to our table since she took our oders, I want a refill now.” The Random lady (also a waitress, for the table RIGHT next to ours) says, “Well we just got a 40 seater.” … By now I was like, I DON’T GIVE A FUCK, It wouldn’t have taken more then 10 seconds to stop at our table, and ask if we needed refills. It’s NOT that hard of a mother fucking job to do. I don’t care if you just got a 100 seater, you don’t neglect your other customers. Stupid fucking bitch. So then she gets me my refill and I say to her, “The rest of our table also needs refils.” And then walk back to my table.

Waitress number 2 goes up to our waitress and whispers something to her, and then she quickly comes over to our table, and gets the rest of them refills. After that she was very attentive to our table.

Anyways, after dinner we all went home.

Today has been alright, we got up very early and went to the gym. I did the bike and Andrew did the other thing. Good times… 500+ calories before 9am were burned. After that I came home, showered and then came into work. I’ve printed off 40 follow up letters which will go into the mail here soon sometime. Today’s job application total: 70 Applications, 16 Cold Letters, 1 Rejection.

After morning work, I went to classes. Julian’s in my HDFS class, and he was with some girl today… Who upon meeting me said, “We are going to have sex.” As in, sex during the clas. It was funny. She was totally random throughout the class.

Class after that was boring. The professor is the wife of my MGMT 414 professor. It seems as though she’s just copied the entire class from him and changed the material from International Management to Strategic Management. She even told the same life story as him. It was creepy.

Now I’m here at work again. Stuffing more envelopes and updating here…

Laters All.

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No Adam, you don’t understand… This 40 thing was RIGHT next to us… All it would have taken was for her to TURN around, notice that my glass is on the end of the table, EMPTY and ask if I needed a refill… Walk the 15 steps to the machine and get it.

Instead, I had to get up, walk the 15 steps myself and YELL at someone to get it for me.

I really WOULD NOT have been that hard of her to do. Really.

That wasn’t a critisizing remark…just a lil joke.

But I totally understand. As a server, I’m actually harder on servers when I go out, and I know what to expect. I think it would be hysterical if you just got up and got your own refills. What are they going to do? Kick you out? “well…he got his own refill, what were we supposed to do???” HA! I’d laugh…it probably would get your point across pretty well! 🙂

I was very tempted to just go get my own refill, because as you know at Hickory park it’s all just out there in the open. But I thought that could be interpeted as that I’m stupid and don’t understand how a waitress works.

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