Not Much Changed

Wow, so not much has changed since last year at this time. We went to the Mr. Gay Iowa thing again at the garden, #1 was WAY hot and Andrew and I wanted to take him home. The sluts were there, being sluty, though the group was larger this year then last.

Lots of hanging out this weekend, it was really good times. We went Ice Skating, and found the under 16 (IE, not old enough to drive) white trash. Went home nad sat around, well actually we went right to bed.

Sunday we got up, did laundry and watched TV, then went out to Half-Priced books and had a good time there. I found two books that I really wanted to buy, but didn’t because I shouldn’t be buying things like that right now. After that we met up with Dustin at the mall and I got a calendar, since no one bought me one this year. From the mall we went to Hy-Vee and ate, then off to JJ’s to hang out and then the gay iowa thing. It was good times… Again, Number one can come home with us!

Friday we spent the night home, watched a movie, or was that Saturday, I don’t really remember. Anyways, we didn’t really do much. Andrew had a break down this weekend though, and that was sad. Mucho sad.

Oh, also on Friday I got a job offer… But it’s only for a weekend of work. I’m going to do it though. Cause it’s $240 for setting up computers, good times. Now I just have to get ahold of the guy again.

Speaking of jobs, I’ve now applied to 66 jobs and sent out 16 cold letters (Mostly to schools).

Today school starts. I’m VERY nervous about it all. It’s my last semester… ::shakes:: Today I only have two classes though, so that’ll be good.

Today’s also Andrew’s B-day! Happy B-day to him! We are going to Hickory Park with people tonight to celebrate. It’ll be good times.

I’m out. Laters all.

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