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A good play…

So the weekend was really good. Working was a pain in the ass though. The people running it were very unprepared, so things got off to a slow start on Friday night. Nothing too horrible though. Most of the weekend was spent watching progress bars go. Like I said, it wasn’t to hard of work, but I came home all three nights very burned out from it all. I really hope that I don’t end up witha job like that.

It paid nice though, we worked about 17 hours the whole weekend, and I got $15 an hour. So that was cool. All the other temp guys working though were VERY annoying and stupid. But it was nice cause I didn’t have to deal with any of them tell Sunday afternoon because we were all in different areas of the building.

After work on Saturday I went down to DM and picked up Andrew and ate dinner with him Court and her family. It was very good food. Gail also gave me her Chex Mix recipie, which I’ll have to make sometime soon, it was sooo good. We also stole some left over food and ate it for lunch on Sunday. After dinner we drove back to Ames and then went to bed.

Sunday morning we got up, sat around and then I went to work. Final day, it was supposed to be only 4 hours or work that day, but they broke something about 2ish and sent us all home for lunch, unpaid of course. I was there tell I think 5 though that night, I came home and we went and did something, or maybe we sat at home. I don’t remember. Either way. It was fun at the time.

Monday we got up and got all dressed up to go somewhere. I thought it would be fun to go to this play here in Ames, “The Color of Justice” It turned out being really good. After that we went to Aunt Maude’s and had a really good time there. The waitress was so fun. And the Chocolate Mousse (sp?) was delicious!

Came home from that and played some FFX. I really like this game. If I had the money, I’d almost be tempted to go buy a PS2 to play it, and FFX-2 as well. Though I don’t think I’d have the time to play it, we’ve already been playing this for 60 some hours, and most of that was Andrew playing it during the days.

Went out to dinner with the girls about 5:30 or so, then went to the mall and Andrew got a hoodie. It’s really cute. Came home and spent the rest of the night playing FF.

Today’s been alright, we got up and went and worked out. Good times there. Came home, went to work… I’ve been trying to find a Wireless router that has a/b/g and is capable of handling an antenna for extended range. Everything I can find only handles b/g, with an antenna. We really want to replace our two AP-1000’s with one access point. Less to administer. The other Chris thinks we should get Two more AP-2000’s, but they are about $1200 each, once you add in the a/g kits. And again, we’d still have the two access points, and we wouldn’t have the routing, or firewall we want. So I think those are out of the question. I really want to find something like what ISU uses, though the only things I can find are b only. Grrr.

Went to class after work and we all had sex again. We’re talkinga bout some fairly boring stuff, I hope that it picks up later. It sound like it should… We get to learn positions and how to have better performance, he even said so today!

Anyways, after that it was another class. Then home and we’ve been playing FFX all night again.

He’s battling with Sin right now. I should go

Laters all.

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Battles with Sin take time! Also, FFX can be done in less than 60 hours. It’s all about how verbose you want to be with the game. For instance, my FFX-2 game has waaaay too many hours on it for where I am, but I love the Job system so much I gain abilities that I don’t REALLY need lol X-2 is cute.

It really didn’t take Andrew too long to beat the game.. Which he just finished. He’d been going on all these side quests, so all the final bosses only took like one or two hits to kill. It was way cool though!

We were both very upset as to how it ended though. 🙁

I’ve gone to class many times, and nevern have we had sex. I don’t know what classes you’re enrolled in…but man oh man…

Oh, and Happy Birthday, sir. Hope you have a fantastic day.

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