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Stupid People

I’m very mad at my “friends” currently. They yet again all went out without me. Fuckers.

And that’s all I’m now in the mood to say. Grr at them all.

Lets talk about something else!
Andrew’s coming back soon! And I’m way excited!

I can’t wait to get to hold him, and cuddle with him, and do cute sweet things with him. And hopefully by then, both of us will be much less stressed out and we can just sit around and have a good time the WHOLE month!

It’ll be way exciting, and I’m so excited to give him his presents. I just really hope that he likes them. I put a lot of thought in to them all. But they depend on things happening, and so far all the things that are happening, are ruining the presents. Grrrr at life once again. But I still hope that he likes them, and that he can find uses for them all.

😀 I’m way excited for him to return! I can’t wait!

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