My Life


So today I’ve sat around some more…

And that’s my life!

Well, actually. I was awaken this morning at 10 by some crazy woman calling my cell phone and asking for Peggy. I didn’t know who she was, but she sounded oddly familiar, so I figured it was someone on my mom’s side, who had been given my cell phone number and accidentially dialed it when calling my mother. So I was giving her my home phone and when she asked what the area code was… I was like, “This isn’t right.” So I asked her who she was… And she said… “Blah blaher” I don’t remember what it was, it was something crazy and definitally NOT relaitves. So I was like, who are you calling for again, and she was like, “Peggy Blaher”. And I was like, “Ohhh, you hvae the wrong number.” And then she was like, “Oh, so you’re NOT my grandson.” It was so random!

Anyways, after that I played Sim City for most of the day. I have a couple cities that have a lot of R$$$-Level 8 buildings in them, so that’s exciting… FYI, it’s the highest level building you can get. My region has nearly 1,000,000 people in it. I should hit that by tonight. I’m really amazed by this because I’ve only played 7 cities out of the like 20 or so there are, and my goal was to have 200,000 by last night… I had 500,000. So that’s exciting.

I’ve also been to the gym and worked out. I’m a bit sore from that because I wanted to try some new machines, as I was getting bored with my normal ones. I think I pulled something, or worked something to hard. Cause as I said, I’m a bit sore.

After that I came home and played more Sim City, and also cleaned. My apartment is now nice and clean. I’ve also started to put together all the stuff that I need to take home, I have a SHIT load of laundry to do… I haven’t done it in like 3 weeks!

It really doesn’t seem like christmas around here. I mean, I know that it is. But it just doesn’t seem like it’s already christmas… It seems to early. Maybe I’m just not int he mood because I’ve been so depressed lately, but still. It doesn’t seem like it’s already christmas!

Tomorrow I’m going to head home at some point. I was told to be home early. I guess we’re opening presents tomorrow night. That should be exciting, I really want to know what I got.

Then Thursday we go to the G&G’s house for MUCHO food, and then stockings. Which I’m not all that excited for… I can already tell you most everything that’s going to be in there. Why don’t I have rich grandparents like some other people I know. Grrr. Oh well. I guess you get what you get in life.

Friday I’ll probably spend sitting around the house and just doing nothing. My PU’s got a treadmill, so I might run on that, just to work out some. I don’t think I’ll make the trek back to Ames just for that.

Saturday is my mom’s side Christmas at my house. Joy, I really dislike them as well. Everyone’s like, “So when are you going to bring a girl to christmas.” I was REALLY hoping that Andrew would be in town for that christmas this year. But he’s not going to be. That should be most of the day. Again, not excited for presents there either. I’m getting a christmas tree decoration. JOY!

Sunday I’ll sit around the house some more.

Monday is the big day! Andrew’s coming back. I’m so excited, I can’t wait to give him his presents. Though I found out that I’ll have to return one of them now. 🙁 I hope it hasn’t been 30 days since I bought it.

Grrr at Sue, she’s ruining ALL my plans!

Anyways, it’s off to write a ranting private update about how much I hate people.

Laters all.

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