My Life


So, that’s essentially been my life, Sim City!

It’s been way fun though.

Lets see. Friday I worked and then came home, played Sim City, talked to Andrew. Saturday I got up, played Sim City tell 4 then went home and sat around for a while, then went to the Porn Store, that was fun.

Sunday was my Families first Christmas, if you want a summary of that go read two years ago, it was the same thing.

Except for this year, there was this REALLY cute kid there. I think his name was John and he was like 2 or 3, or something. I’m horrible at judging kids ages. He was way cute though.

Anyways, christmas was annoying as hell. I got $20 though, so that was good.

Anyways…. I really can’t wait tell Andrew gets back. Though I’m very annoyed at Sue yet. Stupid whore. Grrr.

Laters all.

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