My Life


I’m uber bored.

Yesterday sucked major ass. The whole day was just horrible. On my way back to pick up my car.. I wiped out on my bike. Some stupid whore just FLEW out of a parking spot, nearly hitting me. I slammed on my brakes and litterly went FLYING over the handle bars. The stupid whore stopped and was like, “Are you ok” and then drove off. Whore face. My palms severly hurt the rest of the night.

Went and picked up my car… IT was sad departing with so much money. 🙁 Drove it home and I couldn’t get the stupid seat to move back all the way. I was very angered about that. Finally this mornig I got it to go, there was a pen stuck in the track. My bike is still in the trunk, I’ll have to get it out this weekend before I go home. Maybe I’ll just take it home and leave it there. I’ll do something with it I’m sure.

Anyways, went home and reformatted my computer, now that I have a legal copy of WinXP. Got it installed and all updated, which is fun! Then went to isntall Sim City and it crapped out on me. The disk is way scratched (My CD-ROM drive scratched it up once, I don’t know what caused it, but I haven’t had any problems since then). Thankfully I had a pirate copy to install. I sent my legal copy in today to get the disks replaced. It only costs $7.50 plus like $1.00 for shipping, so that’s not too bad.

I also went into WF and closed one of my accounts, send the money off to my Principal account, so I’ve started the switch over to my Principal accounts. I dunno how long I’ll keep the WF one around. I really don’t want to have to bother Deb again with the whol mess of shit to change my payroll.

Also last night I found out about Andrew’s flights. I’m uber pissed about that. Stupid Sue getting flight on the 29th. That means more missed work and things that I had planned have gone shit-holed. She “claims” that there aren’t any flights on the 28th… But yet if you go and look it up on expedia/etc. There are PLENTY of flights for only $270 (She claimed it’s $500). I know I probably shouldn’t be as annoyed about this as I am. But it just really frustrates me when I’ve been trying to plan things for so long, and now she goes and fucks things up. PLUS…It’s ONE less day to be with Andrew, not like our time wasn’t already short enough! ::whines::

After that I just went to bed and slept. Then this morning I slept in… Didn’t get up tell like 9 or so. Sat around the house cleaning and watching Regis&Girl. Then the first 15 minutes of Jerry. Stupid whores on that show! So funny.

Came into work and haven’t really done anything all day. I have SO much to do, but yet I just don’t know WHAT to do. Yeah, that’s my life, eh.

Talked to Andrew for a bit today as well. He’s off to spend time with his Dad/Mary. Brian is sick, I told him [Andrew] not to get sick, we don’t want him sick while he’s here.

Anyways, that’s about my life.

Laters all.


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