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Broken Windows

So, my life sucks right now. So this morning, I get up and run outside in my PJ’s to start my car, so it’s semi-warm for the drive to Campus to work out.

When I went out there, my back window looked like it has Ice on it, which wasn’t that big of a deal, because well it was icy out. So I get in, turn on my car and start the defroster. And then went back inside.

Well, I change, brush my teeth and then come back outside to go to campus to workout. Get into my car and then notice that the window STILL looked weird. So I get out and go back and look at it, and the fucking thing is CRACKED all over. It looked like it had been smashed or something.

So I call my mother and leave her a message freaking out, then talk to Andrew and whine a bit, then call the cops. They came and said that it looks like someone shot a BB gun at it. Fuckers, if I find them I kill them! Whores!

Anyways, so it’s going to cost $1300… Thankfully I have full coverage insurance on my car, which means I only have to pay the deductable, which happens to be $500.

So I rode my bike to work so that I wouldn’t waste all my day time minutes, get here and call the insurance company. They said that my deductable was only $250. So that’s even better. Apparently when my parents renewed the policy they accidentially changed the deductable to $250. So that’s exciting, but still. It really sucks.

I had to have the new boy drive me back home so that I could get my car and then I took it to the place. They just called and said that I could come pick it up anytime after 1. Sot hat’s good. I want my car back. Grrrr.

I’m still very angry about it. But what can you do. I wish they could catch the idiot that did it. Fuckers.

Here’s some pics:

Anyways, the new boy is kinda cute, though he needs to get braces.

I’m very excited for Andrew to be back though… I can’t wait!!! Though I could have really used him today!

Lates all.

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