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Finals OVER!

Finals are OVER! I had my only two today… The first one was alright, but we had one essay question that EVERYONE had to answer, and it was very annoying. It was like, “What is peace, what are the theories of peace, blah blah blah” And it went on to say that we had to descrive how those theories are being used in present day…

Now first, there’s like 10 different peace theories… I don’t see how we can remember them ALL! Grrr.

Anyways, after that I ewnt and studied for my MGMT 370 test, and also went through the new Gerdin Bus Building. It is indeed VERY nice! I peeked in some of the class rooms and they have REALLY nice seats and stuff… I could sleep in there!

Test was 90 questions of HELL! Aboslute HELL! I love Blackburn, and I could sit and listen to her for HOURS, but she SUCKS at teaching. And EVERY question was so specific it was hell.

And I’m amazed that if Adam and I had stated together today would have been 2 years… In a way, I’m glad to have not seen that day. Hopefully today will get to be two years though.

Laters all.

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