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So, I’ve been playing Sim City for the last hour, working on a wonderful new city and shit… And I had it nearly ready to start laying down areas for people to move into and then the game crashed… I’m very annoyed by that. 🙁

Anyways, the last couple days have been WONDERFULL!

Saturday was the family christmas, and it was indeed horrible, just as planned. Though Steven brought this REALLY cute puppy, so that was the highlight of the day.

Sunday, I got up fairly early and just threw on a hoodie and a stocking cap and went off to meet up with Courtney. We were having breakfast to put some finishing touches on Andrew’s surprise welcome back party type thing. So we were sitting there chatting away about things and then I look over and there’s Andrew standing there.

I was SUPER excited that he was back early, but a bit annoyed at the same time. Mostly because _I_ wanted to do the surprising this time, but he beat me to it. Though, I didn’t let it bother me too much because I was more happy to see him. So we sat and had breakfast and all had a jolly good time.

After that we headed to BS to see someone else, and ended up sitting and talking there tell like shortly after noon.

Once we broke from there we went out and did a lot of errands and stuff that we had to do. Headed back to Ames about 3ish because they were supposed to deliver Andrew’s lugage. Sat around here the rest of the night and talked and had a good old time. He’s all unpacked now and all of his stuff is alove my appartment. Very cute.

The lugage didn’t get here tell about 10ish. We were both very annoyed.

Yesterday we got up and watched Jerry. Which was HILARIOUS! Then headed out to the gym. I knew there’d be problems there and of course there were. The stupid bitch wouldn’t give him the monthly pass. So it’s going to be $5 a day for him to go work out there. Of course neither of us wants to do that. So we’re going to go in and talk to them again today later. We had a good workout though. And it was tons of fun! Much more fun then my old workout partner, and MILLIONS of times more fun then by myself… Mostly cause we could point out hot boys together. lol

After that we came home and showered and then went to DaVinci’s to eat. They had REALLY good food there. Yummy times. From there we broke and headed out to the porn store, which didn’t have any of the good $10 porns that we wanted to get. 🙁 So from there we headed back to DM, and went shopping at Sams club, then to Wal-Mart and then we went to Gordmans, which had some really cute house type stuff that I want to go back and get at some point.

We quickly broke from there and headed across the street to meet up with everyone. I think Andrew was a bit surprised, but he didn’t act it very much, which was a bit saddening. I really wanted it to be good for him. But He says that he had good time, and that’s all that matters. Though last night, he was talking online and someone said that it would have been better if not at ChuckECheese, then he said, “I agree”. I was a bit annoyed at that, cause well we just wanted somewhere that would be fun for everyone. Whatever though. I was MUCH more annoyed at the attitudes of some of the people there.

Overall it was good though. After it everyone left we headed back to Ames and went to bed quickly.

This morning we’ve been up for like 2 hours now, but each have been playing our own video games. It’s alright.

In short, I’m glad he’s back…. REALLY glad he’s back!

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