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420 Trees

So, you thought that 300 trees was the end of that right? Well so did I. That is until the past weekend.

I went home Friday night to do laundry and get mail and such. Lots of mail, but nothing good. So I threw it all away. Hung around the house all night doing nothing really. Went to bed late that night. Got up early the next morning, because I had plans for the whole day. Get up, Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart, Back to Ames by noon, and to campus by 1, 1-6 in the computer lab finishing my MIS paper, then back home at 6 to read the rest of “What Went Wrong” so that I could write the paper for that today, Sunday.

Sunday I had planned to get up, make breakfast, go work out, and then to campus by noon, noon – 7 writing papers (Poli Sci and MGMT 414), and studying for my tests this week. 7-9 I have a group meeting. So as you can see, another very busy day.

So I get up, go downstairs to eat breakfast, wearing just a pair of workout shorts and my hoodie. Get to the bottom of the stairs and my dad says, “You can’t plant trees in that”. I was like, “What?” and he repeats and then I say, “I’m not planting trees.” I had many other things to do, as you can see from my list above. He asked me what and I told him, then he didn’t say anything else and left.

Of course my mother though has to throw a HUGE fit about it all. Well, she didn’t at first. She and my dad went outside and started working on things. My brother for some unknown reason was left inside to sit on his ass and “do homework” though he was actually spending his time in the kitchen watching TV. I was getting breakfast and reading the paper while my laundry finished.

It got done, I went upstairs and folded it and decided that I would go out and help tell at least noon. I could help some. About the time I wasg etting back down to the bottom of the stairs my mother comes in and has this HUGE HUGE fit, “You boys GET OFF YOUR ASSES AND GET OUT HERE AND HELP.” Then I start yelling about her how I have other things to do, blah blah. Then she yells at me some, and then I make the fatal mistake of saying… “WHAT DO I GET OUT OF IT??”

Opps my bad. I really shouldn’t have said that. But I was uber annoyed because she always expects me to help with these things, but they never say thanks, or give me something in return for doing it. I mean, how many weekends did I put things off so that I could come home and help them with that stupid Garage, and how about that other weekend where I spent ALL DAY Saturday planting trees with them in the blazing hot sun?!?!

And on top of me not being prepared to plant trees in the 20 degree temps that we had early Saturday morning. I had NO GLOVES and only my LIGHT hoodie. And beleive me when I say light! And of course they had no more gloves that I could use.

So I go out there and start helping, of course I have to dig holes. Grrr. So helping… Helping. Stop to blow into my hands to keep them warm. And my dad is like… “Have any gloves” and I’m like, “No”

And then he turns around and just goes back to work, it’s like… “HELLO, want to offer me some.” So I got REALLY annoyed by that, but then come to find out I miss heard him and he actually said, “Want some gloves” Opps. So after that they went and found me some.

And then, this is the best part, after like 45 minutes my mother gets up and leaves and she’s like, “I’ve got a headache.” EXCUSE ME??? I have LOTS of other shit to be doing, and I’ve already turned down beak to have come to her house and help her with something because I had far to much other stuff to do. And I’m sure she would have kept me WARM at least. And the stupid bitch gets up and goes inside, never to return!

Oh, have a I mentioned how many trees we had to plant??? 420!!!! That’s right, FOUR HUNDRED TWENTY TREES!

So we worked tell about noon and then broke for lunch. After lunch I took my dad to Wal-Mart to get new tires on his truck. On the way home, he informs me that they are going on a Cruise in Feb… How annoying! Grrr.

Mostly annoying because why couldn’t they have gone on a cruise over Christmas break, when I can have a party/something at my house???? Damn them.

So anyways, after that I broke because I really had to get home. Drove to Sams Club/Wal-Mart and dropped about $170 on groceries. Came home and just read my book.

Today I got up, and did stuff around the house. Then came to campus. I’ve been here since noon working on my MIS paper. I’m taking a break now because I really need one. And I’m a bit upset. But that’s to go into a private update.

I’m up to 16 pages in my MIS paper. It only has to be 8-10. I guess we’ll have to cut some of it out. Yep. Good times.

Laters all.

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