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The Big 100

Well I went in and weighed myself this morning, I have now officially lost 100 pounds since I graduated from HS! How exciting is that.

And that was with shoes and clothes on… Usually I wiegh myself in just underwear. So I’m probably actually more like 164 or so. But who’s counting! lol.

I was excited.

Anyways, I swear that Nazanin reads my journal, the last couple days she’s been overly nice and hasn’t complained about any of my ideas. Very strange…. She’s gone for the rest of the day, so I’m going to spend it reading/learning about the diferent Linux distros, cause I have to find a new one since Redhat is being bitches.

I’m thinking we’ll just stay with Fedora, though I would like to go to something else. Like Gentoo, or maybe a BSD variant. But as I’ve stated before, the people we’re hiring don’t have the experience to learn that before I leave. And I would feel bad leaving them with such things and not knowing how to use it.

Anyways, I’ve had my last lecture in two of my classes this week. MIS 435 and MGMT are both done with lecturing. We still have class, and stuff… Well actually MIS 435 is pretty much completely over with. After Monday, I’ll have everything done, so I can stop going tell after break. Plus he’s already cancelled classes for both this W and next W. So that’s good times. MGMT 414, we have discussions tell the R before break, then we have a test on that R. After break it’s group prsentations. Soo goood times. Things are really starting to slow down and wind up. Which is good.

Other then that, not much really going on in my life. We’re now 6 days, 15 hours 52 minutes from the time that Andrew’s plane lands in Chicago. I’m WAY excited.!!!!!!

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Why is Red Hat so expensive for you? Are you going for support contracts or just the box price? Maybe you should go with Debian? Then you can apt your way. Or use Mandrake and urpmi your way with online repositories. But you knew that, because, well, you know the glory of Mandrake!

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