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I’ve been feeling a bit run down lately. Mostly thing about my job/school work.

The job sucks lately. I don’t know what I’m doing, I have no direction. Nazanin has no idea how to manage people, and absolutely no people skills. She doesn’t listen to recomendations, and she has no idea what she’s talking about. Yet she doesn’t listen to the people that do know what they are talking about. She’s wastefull and doesn’t move her ass or decide on anything. I think I’m going to sit her down and have a chat with her, because I can’t take this anymore.

She had me set up this one rack, so that everything fit into it. Then after I had it all done, changes her mind about it all, and just very annoying. I don’t want to go into it all again. But today I got an e-mail from Jesse saying… “Nazanin and I were busy moving stuff around in the server room” Which means they re-did what I had done, and it’s just VERY VERY ANNOYING!

I’m really not looking forward to going into work tomorrow.

I’m stressed about classes, my group is being fairly confusing about what exactly I’m supposed to do for Sunday. I really have no idea. I guess I’ll write something, and if it’s not right, then we can redo it then.

MIS Is going good, I mean, the paper’s nearly… Well alright only 1/3 done. But whatever, it won’t be long. Group isn’t helping any, and it’s very annoying. I mean, they’re stupid. Hot, but stupid. So I guess I can deal. I think it’d make it more worth it if I didn’t have a boyfriend, and I could make out with the hot one.

Speaking of the Boyfriend. It’s going good. I’m way excited to see him, and well, it’ll be really good for my emotional causes to get to hang out with him again. Friday is going to be a way long day, as is Saturday. Sunday I hope will consist of mostly hanging around and doing not much, maybe a movie or two, and a good home cooked meal. I was thinking of maybe making some homemade ice cream too, but I think it might be too cold.

I had a dream last night about Andrew as well. It was nice, and yet kinda scary all at the same time. We were old.

I woke up, alarm clock. Didn’t want to go to class. I wanted to lay there and dream some more. Because it was a good dream. But had to get up and go to class.

Class was cancelled of course. Bus, cold. Long ride.

Work, annoyed the hell out of me. Though i did get printing semi-working. So that’s good, I guess.

Anyways. I’m out. Grrr.

Laters all.

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