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So I’m really missing Andrew right now, and things aren’t going as planned for his breaks.

Well. Techinically, nothings WRONG yet. But things could b wong. I mena the chances of him getting to stay the full 5 weeks and working over christmas are diminishing quickly. He’d have to stay here in Ames… Which is what I’d enjoy more. But he’d have to work here in Ames, and have me drive him to work every day.

AND the nly jobs there are here in Ames are part-time. Retail based jobs. The chance of him getting a good job, for jst 5 weeks are really slim. I’d hate to say it. But I think it would be best for him to just go back to College and do the interterm thing.

It’ll be really hard to only have him here for one week and then he has to go back to college. But it looks as though it’s the only thing that’ll work out right now. Very sad. 🙁

Then, we have the same problem for summer break as well. He’ll have to stay with someone. Either Courtney, or me or his sister. And will have to get a job somewhere that he can be driven too. Again, a problem.

I really don’t want him to have to go back to NJ for the whole summer. But I have a feeling that Sue is going to put up a big fight about it. And practically force him to go back there. I know he won’t be happy there. And I know I won’t be happy having him there. It’s very sad. I’d really like for him to be here in Iowa.

At least with summer there’s a better chance of him being able to live with Courtney and working at WF all summer. So that’s good. Though as we talked about last night. He’d really rather not have to live by someone else’s rules for that amount of time. And it seems as though G-bore is a bit strict. And would probably enforce her rules upon Andrew.

If only Sue would have left the Jeep in Iowa tell they HAD to move the thing. This would have been a lot easier. Stupid family for getting promotions. 😛

Anyways, enough about those problems. I’m sure once he gets time to update about it. He will.

In other news…. I really miss having him here. This past weekend really made me realize just how much I missed him. And it was such a great weekend that I wish we could another.

🙁 Where’s my cowboy!

lol… he’s not going to live that one down for a while 😀

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