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Breaks Round 2

YAY, so Andrew and I talked earlier this morning and good news!! Well alright, good news if things stay this way…

He’s thinking about just staying here with me for 5 weeks and working at somewhere like Hy-Vee. Though it’ll suck for him because he’s working at Hy-Vee. It’ll be uber fun for me! Because I’ll get to see my Drew Bear for 5 whole weeks. Exciiting.

It’ll also work out for him because all of his friends will be in Ames anyways. So he wouldn’t want to be stuck in DM and everyone else be here in Ames. So that’s good times.

I was very happy to hear this. Though who knows how many more times it’ll change before everything goes down.

In other news… I want him to come back now!!! 🙁

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