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So I thought that since one year ago it was raining, and today it was raining, a duplicate title name was approriate. Eh?

So today has been shit. Very very shit.

Got up at 6 because I couldn’t sleep. Wondered around the house, and thought a lot about Andrew, and christmas break and things. I’ll go into that more later.

Dressed, I was so tired that I just grabbed an outfit and my UCLA hoodie. Headed out to class.

414 went alright, he talked a lot about random things, which wasn’t all that exciting. First test is coming up in there in two weeks I think. Something like that.

From there I grabbed the bus and headed over to Lago. Class there was pretty annoying. First off the ugly annoying boy that’s been sitting next to me sat in the cute homo’s spot, so the cute homo got displaced to somewhere else in the room. Then stupid ugly boy was being very annoying, and kepy correcting the prof. He was all like, “I beleive you are talking about”. And I want to be like, “I beleive no one cares what you’re saying stupid, ugly.”

Perhaps it was just my annoyed state from the earlier thinking and little sleep. Then the stupids on the other side of the room didn’t pass the attendance sheet over to our side, so we all had to wait around after class and sign it. Very annoying there. I guess we also have to do some group project and stupid ugly keeps asking me to be in his group, and I”m like. “NO, LEAVE ME ALONE!” Grr. I just wanted to punch him.. Which you will notice became a common thing throughout the day.

After that I went to Carver and got online for a bit and did some stuff. I e-mailed my english prof and asked him if he would write me a recomendation for the travel abroad thing that I’m applying for. He hasn’t got back to me yet, which is very annoying. I hope he gets back to me soon. I also e-mailed Susan one of my MIS teachers and she and I are meeting tomorrow so that we can get together what I need. So that was good.

I had to pee really bad, so I broke from there, went potty and then went outside. Where it was VERY cold out today. Though I decided to sit on the benches between Carver and Beardsher (sp?). That was a bad idea.

I sat there reading for a long time, but then about noon all the breeders started to float in. With their cute little girlfriends/boyfriends. And they all seemed to want to sit right where I was and be really cute, and kiss and hug and sit next to each other, and eat lunch together. And it was all VERY annoying. I wanted to punch them all.

Couldn’t take that anymore, so I broke from reading my book there and headed over to Kildee for my 12:30 class. Of course on the way there, I swear every breeder couple was out on campus and being all cute and shit. I was very annoyed because I just want my Drew Bear back, so that we can be cute again. And I want another cute gay boy to tell us how cute we are!!

My 12:30 class was really annoying. We have a test on Tuesday and he just reviewed, but he only spent like 20 minutes doing that. And then we all left. I didn’t bring my workout clothes today, so I had like 2, nearly 3 hours to kill before my next class. So I went over to Gilman and sat and read Nickel And Dimed for that time.

Lots more cute breeders and I wanted to just break down and cry the whole time. I eventually pulled out the pic I keep of Andrew in my bag and just sat there and looked at it. I cried a little, but I was in a fairly heavily traveled area of Gilman, so I held most of it back.

It was finally time for my last class of the day, 370, where we have a test on Thurs. That class was interesting. We talked about ethics and stuff. I have to write a thing about where Ethical crosses the line to illegal. So I’m going to do Underage Drinking. because that seems to be on my mind lately.

The cute homo that’s in that class sat right in front of me, and I wanted to talk to him. But someone else came and sat next to him and talked to him. He always sits like one row in front of me, but never talks to /sits next to anyone. And I thought it’d be nice to talk to him. But yeah. Didn’t get too.

Got out of that class and it was raining, which just put me in an even worse mood. It’s COLD and raining and it just means that shit is coming. That horrible shit that is Iowa Winter. Fall starts on Tuesday. I’m excited for fall… Not for winter.

It has been nice though the last couple days to be able to wear my hoodie. So that’s good. But I just want to skip the getting cold thing, leaves falling, halloween and thanksgiving, and christmas, and I just want it to be the day after christmas. And I want it to be that day for a long time.

Anyways. I was supposed to go out with Gap Boy tonight for dinner and I’ve been looking forward/scared of it all day. I rode the bus home, hoping that he’d call, blah blah. Got home, changed because half way through the day, I realized that I looked like shit in what I was wearing. And then sat around all night waiting for stupid Gap Boy to call me.

He never did. Though some other cute boy did call. Thanks Drew 😀

We’ve been talking a lot tonight, and all that’s going to go into a private entry. Nothing bad. Just nothing I want in public view right now. He’s going to call me back tonight at 11, so that we can finish our talk. It’s been interupted like 3 times now, but it’s good so that we can re-coup our thoughts.

Everyone hope that Sue and fam are good. Apparently they are going to be affected by the hurricane. Though on the news it doesn’t look like it should be too bad for them.

Oh, I keep meaning to tell everyone that I now have 40 pairs of underwear! How fun is that! It’s amazing because when I met Andrew, I had like 10 pairs. But now I have 40. I also have drastically increased the number of shirts that I have.

Also, I just remembered (Thanks news 8). Des Moines was name the “hippiest” city in the country… I’d like to know what those people were smoking!! Cause that’s a laugh.

PU’s called this evening as well. I guess I have to go back home this weekend to help out with the garage. I wasn’t planning on going back at all. I want to start decreasing the time that I spend there. I was very annoyed by this though because I already have plans for Saturday, and my mom was just like, “well we could use your help”. And of course I can’t just say “No”. I feel obligated to do it. But on the other hand I really don’t think I should have to help out. But whatever. I guess I shall.

This entry is starting to get very random… Isn’t it? I promise I’m almost done.

I have a pimple on my eye lid… VERY annoying. And it hurts.

I’ve been thinking about the house/condo/loft that I want when I get older. I know exactly how I want to decorate it. Well, ok. I have the basic IDEA of how I want it. I dunno exactly what brought it on, but I have been thinking about it, and I can’t wait to get my own place that I can paint the walls, etc. It’ll be very fun. I am scared though that I won’t be able to do what I want, or something. Like I know it’s going to be a lot of work to get what I want and I think that I can do it. But it is scary, and I want my own place with my husband now.

Well at least I think I do. Though I also think that I’m not anywhere near ready to make that commitment. Lets just say that I want to have money to decorate my apartment the way that I want to. And I want to be able to tear out walls when and where I want.

Ok, I’m done. I swear.


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