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Just For You Ginny!

This is just for you Ginny, but I suppose that everyone else can go look 😛

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So one of those pictures of you and Andrew…it definatly looks like you’re groping his junk, since the picture cuts off right above it. You may want to recrop that one…that is, unless that’s what you were going for! lol Nice. Have fun and take it easy…good luck with this stalker…you lucky guy. lol

Yeah, Adam. It does actually look like that, and I think that I may have actually been doing that… But that was so long ago that I can’t remember!

And the stalker is actually pretty nice, so that’s cool!


No, actually I was horny, because I haven’t seen a hot boy in like 2 weeks!!

Well it’s been less then that, but it really seems like it’s been 2 MONTHS! :'(

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