I’m A Liar!

Ok, so just a quick update. Andrew and I had a nice long talk the other night and I had a nice break down. It was really good to have him there to reassure me while we were talking. THough I wish that he could have been here to hold me. I really need that right now.

I really don’t want to get into the whole thing right now because I am in a public lab. But I just want to say thanks to him for being there and listening to me, and trying as much as he can to comfort me. I know that it’s hard.

After the initial breakdown, we had a good talk though, about just random things. At like midnight, I was like, I really need to get going, because I was really tired. So we started to say bye, but then we got to talking about a TON of other random stuff, and finally ended up hanging up about 12:30. I really hate doing that, because whenever I go to hit the end button, he’s never hung up yet. So I’m like, “Is he still talking”. I always hate hitting the end key first. Very crazy. That’s probably the whole reason why I hate PHONES!

Anyways, one of the topic’s that came up was my moving to SD. And him not wanting me to base where I’m going on him. Well if he can admit that he’s a hypocrite, I can admit that I’m a liar!

Now, for the most part. I want to move to SD on my own will, and because I want too. But if he got into SFSU and asked me to move closer to him. I would seriously do what ever is in my power to move closer to SF. Now, if it wasn’t at all possible, say he asked me like the week before I moved. I obviously couldn’t. But I would try whatever I could.

As he said…”I really love him.” And I Do.

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