My Life

It’s Friday!

So yesterday was alright.

I went to the Alliance Ice Cream social thing and that was alright. It was a bit akward at first. But yeah.

My stalker was there and he was pretty cool. He gave me and this other kid a ride home. I forget the other kids name though. So that was nice of him. He threatened to kill me though, so that’s a bit scary! But he didn’t!

I got home after that and called Andrew, we talked for just a bit, nothing too exciting. Though it was good to talk to him. About things.

After that I broke and went to bed.

This morning I woke up really early. Which was annoying, but laid in bed tell it was time to get up. Then I got up, dressed and was riding my bike to campus so that I could run, when I realized I forgot my wallet. So I had to ride back home. I think I saw my stalker while I was riding too. Very crazy!

Went and ran for 30 minutes and then did sit ups. From there I rode to my class and we worked out. My arms/chest are really hurting today after that, and so are my abs beacuse I’ve been doing the situps twice a day. So I’m in a bit of pain.

My work out partner and I are a bit odd though, he’s very quite, even more so then I am. So that’s weird. Though we seem to get along well. And again, we are both whimps. So that’s good.

Anyways, now I’m at work, we just had a 2 hours meeting about the firewall again! Very annoying because Chris G is trying to get people do to things the wrong (ie, right) way. Anyways.

Andrew just called me and that was very nice of him. He called to tell me that he got the package I sent him! Very exciting… Now I can post a link here of the things. Once I get that done. I guess.

Anyways, work calls. Laters!

PS: Two things that I KEEP MEANING to put down…

First I was in the bathroom of the Detroit Airport and I was going potty. Well I turn around after I’m done, and here’s this HUGE guy that’s standing there being UNCUFFED (Both legs and hands). I was very scared. And there were two (I assume) cops with him. Very scary!

Secondly. The other day when I came out to get into my car there was a big construction cone behind my car… Like not just a cone, but this big HEAVY thing. It took all my weight to move it. I was like “WTF?”

But then the other day I come back out, and it was there AGAIN! But I wasn’t even parked in the same spot… I don’t get it!

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