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What A Flight

Thank god, we’re finally on the ground here in Jersey. It’s about 11:15 pm here now. And we’ve been on the ground since shortly after 9:10.

Our flight was delayed leaving DM, so we didn’t get out of there tell 5:20, so we spent 3 hours in the airport just hanging out. It was alright and we talked a lot. So that was nice.

Once our plane was in the air it was pretty nice. We talked and had a good time. Though I don’t think that the people behind us/beside us liked us very much. Whatever, they can get over it all.

Anyways, it’s not the next morning. So I don’t know where I’ll put this update, either Aug 11, or the 12th. Whatever.

So last night while I was writing that, Andrew and I talked for a while, which truned into like an hour, so by the time we were done talking, I was too tired to do anything, so I just went to bed.

It’s UBER hot in here, so it was hard to sleep. Though I did sleep pretty well.

Oh, the airport last night was crazyness., and once we got here, the captian said that we would be stuck in a holding pattern for 50 minutes. But it ended up being only 10 or so. That was nice.

Once we got here we ate supper and then came to our room and hung out/talked/wrote updates.

Today has been filled with nonthing ness. Andrew and I just beat Sonic, it took us like 3 hours or so. Not too hard. I was playing most of it, but when we got to a bard spot that I didn’t want to try beating Andrew would take over and do it for me. We also watched the Jerry Springer show. Very exciting.

Now it’s 1:30 and he’s jus tnot starting his shower. And then I’m going to shower after he’s done.

I don’t know what tonight consists of. He says that we’re going to call his dad and go out to supper with him. That would be interesting. Though not really. I guess they want to go to this place called Big Ed’s for ribs. I don’t like Ribs. So I’ll get something else.

Sue also bought some crazy foods, like MAJOR junk food. It’s all so bad for you, yet tastes so good!

I’m out, laters all!

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