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Wow, it seems like just yesterday that you graduated, but here it is three months laster and I’m just now signing this. Three months ago we were just starting our relatiosnip, just getting to know each other in the bf/bf sense. Back then it seemed like we had a long time together. But here it is already coming to a close. We’ve shared so much ofther the last year that we’ve known each other. You’ve gone from purple shirt boy to my wonderful boyfrine. You were there for me through my first breakup, my first full summer of not going to scouts and so much more. And you’ve been nothing but supportive. We’ve both grown so much over the last year, I’ve rid myself of someone who was just holding me down and gained someone who just keeps pushing me forward.

I just wish that we could have had so much more time together. I wish that we would have talked log ago. There are so many things that I wish I had, and now I’m regretting not getting those. Our time together was so short and I can only hope that sometime in the future our paths will cross again.

Andrew, you mean so much to me, after these three months together I realisze that this is the first time I’ve actually been in love. I’ve never been moved the way tI have been with you. No one has ever been so great to me as you have been.

Who ever gets you as a bf in cali had better realize what a great guy the are getting and I hope that you realize what a wonderfull guy you are.


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