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The Day We Leave

Well here we are sitting in the airport. It’s 2:00 and our flight doesn’t board tell 3:30. I told my mom we didn’t need to be here this early, but she insisted on getting here early.

We did however get the woman to change our seats so we get to sit next to each other now, so that s really good. I’m excited for that. I would have been uber pissed if we hadn’t gottn the chance to sit next to each other on the flight.

I’m very excited for all of this, though very scared all at the same time. This’ll be the last time we have in DM tell at least December. Maybe longer.

The last couple days though have been really good. Though a bit frustrating.

Saturday he got home and we had a bit of a fight and a short bit of annoyance with each other. Though we got over it, and I appoligized and so did he.

After that was over we went out with Ginny to the mall and had a good time there, I found the pair of glasses that I want. I’m very happy with them. I will have to get get them though once I get back because the only sale they had going on was a sucky ass sale. You saved $165 when you buy TWO pairs of glasses, which I really don’t want.

Once we were done with that we drove downtown and went to Centro. Very good place. I had called earlied to get reservations, but they said they didn’t have any, so I was thinking that we’d have to sit in the bar. Ended up not having to, so that was good. Though I think the service would have been faster in the bar, so we would have actually made it to my plans.

The food was good, and we had a good talk. After that it was too late to get to where I wanted to go, so we went across the street to a parking garage and climbed to the top (All ten floors!!) And stood up there and watched the sun set. Which wasn’t cooperating with me, because it was cloudy. Affter that we drove to Camp Dodge and sat on the tanks overlooking the city. From there back to Saylorville where I was hoping that the moon would be high enough to light up the lake, but it wasn’t so we just sat there for a little bit then went back to my house and hot tubbed. That was nice, though I kept nearly bereaking out in tears.

Once we were done with that it was off to his house to get to bed. Which we did quickly.

Sunday, was a LONG ass day, We got up really early and went over to beak’s. Met up with them and went off to the fair.

That was Really fun, though iit was such a LONG day. Beak and Leper boy would NOT STOP EATING! Blarg BLARG!

We saw tons of good stuff, and it was very sad.
After the fiar we went back to Beak’s, showered, and then off to the drag show. It was pretty good and Jackson saved the show a couple times. Not the best, but still a really good show!

You could tell one time when the DJ played the wrong song for Jackson, he got REALLY mad and gave hima death stare! It was funny shit.

Once that was over we broke and went back to Andrew’s place, When we left I had turned on the over head lights in the living room to really low. I was hoping that we could come home and just lay on the couch, with the really dim lights and just talk for a bit. But we got home and there was far too much to do, so we just got it all done, and crazyness and went to bed.

I had a major breakdown. I felt really stupid for doing it. Mostly because I felt like Adam crying that much. I know that Angel was very annoyed when he cried when she was leaving. And I feel very stupid about crying so much now. Especially since no one else has cried yet either, and he doesn’t seem to be taking it near as hard as I am. Lol. Just like beak said,.

Ok, so I lied in that last paragraph. Beak cried too. It was so cute and sweet of her.

Anyways, today has been uber hectic. We went to the post office, they rejected us, we had to re-pack, and go back. Went to his school got his yearbook, I went home got my mom, made us lunch, etc.

Now here we are at the airport. The security was very confusing, since I haven’t flown in like 3 years or so. Eh, whatever.

Anyways, the point is that I can’t imagine saying goodbye today. I would not have been able to handle it.

Whatever, there’s a lot more that I should update about, but I just don’t feel like it right now.

Laters all!

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