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A Night Out

So last night was alright, I was really pretty upset and annoyed, but that was because of my headache. And the fact that Dustin had just felt like inviting Daniel along on this whole thing.

Well, alright, lets go back abit. When I said that I wanted to go out to spagehhti works, I meant that it was supposed to be a nice little romantic dinner, just the two of us. When he told me that Dustin was coming along. I was fine with that, because I had another dinner planned for Saturday afternoon. So it was fine that he came, because I know that Andrew and Dustin hadn’t had much time together this summer, so it would have been a nice time for him to catch up and all.

Then I find out that Michael was coming, which annoyed me some, but still alright because, well he is Dustin’s BF.

Anyways, supper was good. Though not the best Italian I’ve had, but still good. And thanks to Drew Bear for paying for me!

After supper we broke and went to Java Joe’s, Andrew met a TON of other people that he knew and spent most of the night talking to them. After a bit, Scott was coming down and it was getting loud, which meant my headache was getting worse. So Dustin came up with the great Idea to go to the Homeless shelter thing? To see Linda. Very strange, so we all walked over there and just as we were getting there, when James, and gang showed up. So we didn’t get to talk to Linda hardly at all. Though I really would have liked to.

We hung out there for a while and then headed back to Java’s. We were all very tired so we broke once we got there. Andrew and I came home. There was a bit of drama. Though that was covered in a private post.

We spent the night together, and that was nice. This morning he got up and left around 7:45 or so. I stayed in bed, and tried to sleep some more. Though it was really hard to because it’s very scary trying to sleep in that big bed, in this big house by myself. It’s even harder since it’s not my own house.

I finally got up about 10 and showered, shaved, etc. Then I did some laundry and now I’m stiting here writing this and watching Lucy. Good times.

Hopefully today will be alright. Andrew’s going out with Courtney and Jean after work. Which annoys me a just a tad bit. But then he’s coming home, and we’re going to do something with someone from then tell 7. From 7-9 I have him claimed for a bit of a surprise.

Anyways, I’m out. Laters all!

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