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A Simple Phone Call

So I’m pretty fucking pissed off right now.

Last night I spent the night at home, alone. Packing and getting ready to go on this trip. I was in a very emotional, spent most of the night trying to watch Lucy, but just crying.

I really didn’t want to call Andrew, mostly because I would have just broken down crying on the phone with him, but also because I wanted to see if he would call me.

I call every Thursday night, and every night that he goes out with his friends. If he’s not online by the time that I get ready to go to bed. I just give him a quick 5 minute phone call to say goodnight and wish him a happy evening.

I didn’t do this at first in our relationship, and he got mad that I never called him. Well tonight he didn’t call me.

I’m sorry if this sounds like an unreasonable request. I realize that it’s the last time he’ll see two of his best friends, but I think that he could have taken 5 minutes to give me a call, just to say goodnight to the person that he supposedly loves.

You know, I don’t really ask for much in this relationship. I’m here and I typically will go with anything. The only time that I’ve ever really had a problem with going with his plans was when we were to go out with the girls last Friday night. But since I was a good bf, or at least trying to be. I was going to give it a shot.

But I don’t think that this is an unreasonable request, to take 5 minutes, he had enough time to call SDSU, but not enough time to call me and say goodnight. I’m sure he had time once he got home to do stuff online, but not enough time to call me.

I’m sorry, but that just really hurts. There’s been a few other things lately that have been hurting me as well. Some of it makes me think if he really does feel the same way that I do.

For examply, he hardly ever asks me how my day was. That typically the first thing I try and ask him. Because I want to know how his day went, I want to know what kind of mood he’s in. And if something went wrong during the day, I want to be there to try and solve the problem.

Lately he really hasn’t been there for me.

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