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Weekend Of Movies

So this weekend has been really great. Though not much has been happening.

Friday I met up with Andrew about 7:45ish, we ate Brats, they were really yummy. And it was so cute, cause we sat out on the deck.

After that we went up to my room and excahged three month gifts… He got me Requiem For A Dream and PI.

But best of all there was a CD, with a bunch of paper attached to it… It had a bunch of songs on it and on the paper was the lyrics to all the different songs. I don’t think anyone could top that gift, it was just so thoughtfull and wonderfull. I listened to the CD the next day on my way to his house and it made me cry. I have a feeling that’ll become my newest favorite CD to listen to!

I felt kinda stupid about what I had gotten him after that because it really wasn’t near as thoughfull. But I knew that he would like it, and that’s good. I got him the Cho’ster!

I had actually be trying to make a CD like that for him, but I was planning on giving it to him right before we parted ways in August. But So far every CD that I’ve made, I’ve ended up hating for some stupid reason… Perhaps I’ll continue working on that and see if I get anything that I like out of it!

Once we had finished with that we laid there in my bed for a bit and just talked some, then we went downstairs and watched the Cho! Very amusing!

He left about 11ish, and I was semi-annoyed that he was leaving so early, but he did have to go to work early in the morning, so it was fine.

Saturday I got up and took a shower about 9ish. As I was in the shower my mom comes and knocks on the door and is like, “Your dad needs your help outside.” I wasn’t really expecting anything big, but I got out and then just threw on some shorts and an old t-shirt. Went out there and he had the pond EMPTY! I was like, “WTF?”

I guess a Coon had gotten in there and put a few holes in the bottom of the pond, so he was emptying it and getting a new liner. He needed help transporting the fish from the pond to a HUGE tank that we have… That was very intersting times because we have some VERY big fish in that pond and they really flopped around a lot once you got them out of the water, and then the dog kept jumping in and trying to “Help” catch them, and then when we were handing the net back and forth with fish in it the dog kept trying to bite at them, etc. Stupid dog.

That only took like 30 minutes or so, and after that I was all hot and sweaty, so I jumped in the pool and went swimming for a while. Ahhh, how I miss the days of being able to just swim all day long! After about an hour in there it was time to go and start getting ready to go meet up with Andrew. So I went inside, dressed, did my hair and then stuck my head out the door to tell them that I was leaving. And then they were like, “Wait a minute we need your help.” So I had to go out there andhelp them move this BIG ASS ROCK. I got all dirty and really sweaty, because we were in the sun, and I was dressed semi-nice and yeah. Just very annoying.

Once I finally got to go, I rushed to the half-price book store, and returned a few books, then went over to Andrew’s.

We hung out there for a little bit waiting for his mum to get home, then we went out to the Tropical Snow, but they were closed, so we went to the Ice Cream shop that’s next door and got really good ice cream.

After that we went to the Mall, or did we do that before the ice cream… I don’t really remember. It’s been so long since we’ve been there, they’ve changed alot. And the only reason we went there Saturday was because Andrew had a gift cert to spend. No need letting it go to waste just to prove a point. So we went there, and I just can no longer believe that Andrew and I used to meet at the mall every Friday and spend so much time there, it’s just such a horrible place. Well Horrible’s not really the right word, but you know what I mean. I just can’t believe that so much time has been wasted there.

Anyways, that night we ended up at my house and watched PI. Very goof movie… Though it is a bit strange at times, ok, the whole freaking movie is strange, but it’s still good. I really liked it and I’m glad I finally got to see it.

After the movie (Or again, was that before??) We went swimming and then hot tubbing for a short bit, but it was UBER hot int here, so we didn’t stay long.

Went to bed really late that night, but nothing really interesting happened.

Got up Sunday and we just laid in bed talking untell about 11ish. Finally got up cause we were both starving and went and I made French Toast (Or as the stupid’s in Washington like to call it, “Freedom Toast”). After that we watched the other movie and it was really good too, though just as, if not more creepy then PI.

Once we were done with that we went back to Andrew’s house because much drama was going on there, soemthing about Alex and his Sister and Eggs and not getting on a plane and police, it was just a regular Jerry Springer show over there., I’m sure you can go to his website and read all about it all!

Sunday really consisted of nothing, after all the drama went down we spent the rest of the evening in his room downloading ROMS and trying to figure out some programs. Went for Tropical Snow about 8:30 or so, because Court wasn’t going to be able to go tell much later. Went there and that was really good. I can’t believe I haven’t been eating those all summer long! lol.

After that went back to his house, and said our goodbyes… Only one more weekend of having to do that. So very sad.

Oh, one thing we did do on Sunday was take down a big thing of his pictures in his room. That was really sad, there were a couple times that I started to tear up. It’s so sad to see him packing.

Got home and had a TON of IM’s from people. I know who some of them are, but there were a few randoms, which is weird because I usually don’t get randoms anymore… Maybe it’s because they all know that I have such a hot boyfriend that they know there’s not stealing me away from him! roflol.

Today has been very busy already. Came into work and got a ton of stuff done early in the day, and then Barb came in and her computer was broken, so I had to fix that and then call Dell.. Spent the last hour on the phone with them because they’re “Network was slow.” I think the guy was just really slow. lol.

Other then that, not much really going on.

And that’s my boring life!

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