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So I guess I’ll go ahead and update, even though I haven’t received any updated from Andrew as of yet…

So this weekend was really good, no annoyances that I can think of, so that’s super good.

Friday was uber cute with the whole supper thing, at least I thought that it was. Just us sitting out there on the deck, me cooking, and us eating. I just thought it was really really cute. Too bad there won’t be many more days that we can do that. 🙁

The 3 month gift was really really thoughtfull of him. I still can’t beleive how great it is. And it just makes me tear up just thinking about him and that wonderfull CD.

After that, the movie and that was really nice too. I really liked this weekend because there really wasn’t anything to do, we just sat around and talked and hung out with each other, it was a very good weekend. Even though in most people’s eyes, it would have been just a very boring weekend.

I was semi-annoyed that he was leaving so early on Friday night, but it ended up being alright. I found stuff that I needed to do that night.

Saturday was pretty normal, and it was nice, everything we did was on my website. That night we were up REALLY late having some fun, and that was nice, though I wasn’t quite sure where he wanted things to go…

I was letting him call the shots, and he never called it. So the traveling Condom Stash didn’t come in use. lol.

Though the whole night was very good!

Sunday we woke up, and I don’t remember exactly how it all came up, but we ended up doing it again. I was very happy about that because it showed me that after the first time, Andrew wasn’t completely emotionaly traumitized. It was really great to do that again with him, and really meant alot to me emotionaly.

On saturday we had some shakes with a bit of kick to them, not enough to do anything, but just a little bit of a kick. I wanted them to have a bit more, but my PU’s didn’t have very much in the house, so we couldn’t.

We were talking later that night and he said that it takes 6 shots or so for him to get drunk. I don’t really know why, but that bothers me a bit. The fact that he knows how much it takes to get him drunk. I mean, I know that since I’ve known him he hasn’t really gotten drunk, except for that time that he was in Mexico. But it still bothers me a bit.

There’s a lot of his history that I get the feeling he’s not telling me. Some stuff in those journals that he doesn’t want to tell me. I can understand that it’s his private journal, and it’s all good and stuff, but I just feel that if we want to continue to have a good relationship we need to be open. Even about our histories.

Maybe I feel this way because I have such a clean one, and stuff, I really have nothing to hide. Whatever…

In the end it comes up to his decision about what he wants to divulge (thate really doesn’t look right). And that’s fine by me, I mean we’ve got this far and it’s all good, so that’s fine.

Just as long as he’s not withholding from me the fact that he’s made out with someone since I started dating him.. That’s what really matters.

Anyways, really good weekend, I was super happy to share with him what we did again. And I’m very exctited for the trip. So happy!

And yet sad all at the same time… Why are emotions so crazy!

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