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Sicky McSick Pants!

So I’m sure that I’ll start this post and then not get it finished because we are uber busy around here today.

CSGF Conf is going on we’re working on encoding those presentations. WE just got Tuesday and Wed’s in the mail today. Gotta love FedEx Overnight AM. This batch is going MUCH better then the ones from the SCC conference a couple weeks ago. Mostly because none of these have to have audio remixed, so we just encode and go!

I’ve only got 2 more left, so that’s good. One though has the screen saver pop up in the middle of it. So we have to fix that, but it should be an easy fix.

Yesterday was great, though it was sad to see mt Drew Bear sick!

Work from 7:30 to 10:30, and then I left here and got movies at Family Video, only $1.30 for 2 DVD’s and one of them was a new release! I’d like to see someone beat that shit! lol.

Met up with Andrew about noon and we just spent the WHOLE day laying around his house and hanging out. It was very good times. We watched Frita, and that was good. Andrew layed with his head in my lap, and he kept complaining that it looked like I was in a bad posistion, which I wasn’t! So funny, after that I watched Oprah, and then the news… Because Andrew fell asleep in my lap. It was so cute!

Once he woke up we watched Pumpkin, which was another very odd, but good movie! It wasn’t near as funny as the box said that it was!

By the time that movie was over it was like 7:30, so we went upstairs and made some supper. Andrew had pasta and I had a chicken sandwich. Yummy. I’m hungry just thinking about it! lol.

Once we ate we went back downstairs and laid on his bed talking about things. His mom randomly came in and we were both under the covers, but just talking and his door was open… She was talking to us about things and then took his temp. After she was done with that she was getting ready to leave and then she goes, “Could you please set a good example for your sister and not lay in bed together.”

It was just very annoying the way that she said it, etc. And then they got into a bit of a fight about it. It really annoyes me that his mom takes some of the smallest things and just really blows them up and yells about them. Very annoying, and I hate it even more because of the fact that she yells at them infront of guests. You just don’t do that.

Anyways, it came time to leave and it was really hard because I wanted to just stay there and take care of my baby. We went outside and hugged and I gave him his first kiss of the day. I wasn’t kissing him the rest of the day because I didn’t want to take any major chances of getting sick.

Anyways, I drove back to 86th and dropped off the videos at Family Video. Then I got on the interstate to head back to PC, but I decided not to, so I got off the next exit and turned around and headed back to Ames…

I got to the Elkarht exit when my phone rang, I looked at it and it was Andrew, so I answered….

“Did you leave some keys here..”

Followed by many more shits, and “I can’t believe how stupid I am!”‘s. I had to drive all the way back to Waukee to get my fucking keys… I will be making copies of those tonight. By the time I got there it was 10:00, but it was good to see Andrew again!

By the time I got home it was 10:45 or so, and I went right to bed. I was so tired.

Today’s been going really really good. I got up early, for some reason I woke up at 6:30. Crazy I know. Got dressed and came to work. I’ve been here all day working on those presentations, now only one is left to do, YAY!

I’ve been wearing a stocking cap all day too, I wore it to work because I didn’t feel like doing my hair today, but now that I’m here, I’m really glad that I wore it. Because it’s fucking FREEZING in my office. And no, I’m not freezing because I’m sick (or at least I don’t think that’s why). I’m freezing because it IS freezing in this office. Everyone’s complaining about it, but we can’t seem to get the A/C to turn off! ::shivers:: I hope it’s fixed by tomorrow or else I’ll have to wear a sweatshirt to work! lol.

Just received a package from Symantec with our AntiVirus software updates, (About $1,500 worth of software)… The CD’s missing. Great, now I have to go through the annoyance of getting Symantec to send out another CD and I have to call DHL to complain. Bastards!

Anyways, I’ve decided there are TWO things I really want to do on the trip to New Jersey/LA. And that’s to see the Sunset on both coasts from the beach. I think it should be doable. But we’ll see.

Edit:// So plans for this weekend are as follows so far… Leave here about 4:15 on Friday and drive to KC, MO. Get to hotel, hang out, perhaps go out if we feel like it. Otherwise stay in. Saturday spend the majority of the day in Lawrence, KS. I’ve found lots of fun things to do there, it appears. And some other cool stuff. Saturday night, I dunno what we’ll do. Haven’t got that far yet. Sunday, we’ll check out and then go do something, I was thinking mini-golf, perhaps? Then drive home. Good times! I’m really excited and keep thinking that we leave today. I really really want to leave NOW!

And that’s my life…

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